10 Music Production Blogs You Should Be Following

41 Sep 15 2014 in Resources
10 Music Production Blogs You Should Be Following

Music production is a craft of learning and experimentation. One can study for years on end and only scrape the surface of what there is to know. Not only that, but new techniques are being discovered every day as technology advances and music evolves.

Many of you are eager to learn new techniques, ideas, workflows, and ways of thinking about music creation, but you’re not sure where to look. All the website you’ve visited seem to repeat the same information over and over again, without providing anything unique or valuable.

Fortunately there are some great websites out there, not only for new producers but also veterans who want to get insight into different production processes and techniques. In this post, I’m going to share 10 music production blogs that I think you should be following.

#1 - Attack Magazine

Attack Magazine is probably one of my favorite blogs. From multi-page interviews to the dissection of music, the content on AM is unique, elegant, and in-depth.

AM doesn’t explicitly state that it focuses on a specific genre or genres, but what I’ve found is that it tends to lean towards the underground genres of music: techno, deep house, minimal, and so forth. In saying that, the content on the site is valuable for producers of all kinds.

If you’re looking for practical content that will inspire you to take action, give you new ideas, and instill an analytical approach to music making, then Attack Magazine is a must-read.

Must-read Posts:

#2 – The Recording Revolution

Though not aimed at electronic music producers specifically, Graham Cochrane’s blog The Recording Revolutionhas been praised as one of the best audio engineering blogs on the web.

The site is filled with a mix of philosophical mixdown advice and practical tips in the form of blog posts and videos. In addition to that, Graham sells a number of in-depth guides to different audio engineering concepts such as EQ and compression.

Engineering is a fundamental part of electronic music production, and The Recording Revolution will give you all the help you need.

Must-read Posts:

#3 – Music Radar

Most of you will have heard of Music Radar. We post a lot of their articles on our Facebook Page. The website that works in tie with the popular Computer Music magazine has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember.

The content isn’t as in-depth and long as other blogs mentioned in this article, it’s more short and concise. You’re likely to see articles that mention concepts but don’t go in-depth, which can be great for more experienced producers who merely need to be introduced to a concept and can work it out and experiment afterwards. For newer producers, however, Music Radar may lead to confusion and even more questions.

Music Radar shines when it comes to quantity and diversity. Articles are posted multiple times per day, from interviews to inspiring studio pictures and product reviews. I check it every morning while drinking coffee, so why don’t you?

Must-read Posts:

#4 - ResoundSound

Soon after starting my own blog I came across Ilpo’s website and was simply amazed at the quality content on there. He’s written one of the best short posts on compression I’ve ever read, and does a great job of curating and compiling plugin lists to help inform people of what’s good and what’s not.

Ilpo consistently lives up to the high standard of quality he sets for his content and his music. His content is extremely comprehensive and easy to consume, making it the perfect educational material.

ResoundSound isn’t a genre-specific website but does tend to lean towards bass music. This isn’t blatant though, and doesn’t make the content any less valuable for producers in different genres.

Must-read Posts:

#5 – The Sound Coach

I first came across The Sound Coach after Kevin (the owner) commented on one of my posts. I visit A LOT of blogs, and while this sounds pretentious, you tend to form a low expectation after coming across so many low quality blogs that simply curate and copy content. When I visited The Sound Coach for the first time and read through a few posts, I knew that this was a diamond among the rough.

Kevin’s content really makes you think. It makes you challenge the status quo while offering practical tips and advice that can be applied to music production, composition, and engineering.

Must-read Posts:

#6 – Get That Pro Sound

You know that uncontrollable impatience you experience when your favorite artist hasn’t released a song in what seems like decades? This is the feeling I experience almost every time I visit Get That Pro Sound.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best music production blogs on the Internet. The only downside is that content is posted infrequently and sporadically (this seems to be changing though), which is understandable when you look at the quality of the posts. Whether it’s learning of 50 ways to breathe life into your music, or getting a better idea of what the best reverb plugins are, GTPS is a music producer’s dream.

Must-read Posts:

#7 – Music Software Training

If you’ve had an Internet connection for the past while then you would have seen a post named 10 Things They Don’t Tell Music Producers Until It’s Too Late. Music Software Training has a great selection of articles and videos primarily based around Ableton Live.

It’s growing by the day, and there’s good reason for that. The content is original, well put together, and useful for producers of all skill levels. There’s also a range of products on the site if you’re interested in dropping a bit of coin on them.

Must-read Posts:

#8 – EDMProd

I feel a bit guilty promoting my own blog, but from what I’ve seen it’s quite helpful. I post less often these days, however the content is far more in-depth. Most new articles are over 2000 words and tackle big concepts that many producers struggle with.

I wouldn’t be writing posts for Freshly Squeezed Samples if it wasn’t for EDMProd, so it might be worth a look!

Must-read Posts:

#9 – Kim Lajoie

Kim Lajoie is a music producer and engineer based in Melbourne, but what I like about him most is what he writes.

His articles are very short, sometimes only a few hundred words. And that’s exactly what I like about them. Reading through an in-depth, comprehensive article can provide great insight and help you develop as a producer, but so can a 300 word article that succinctly explains a concept and gives pointers on how to use it in your productions.

The guy’s got experience, and it shows. If you’ve got limited time but still want to read great content, then Kim Lajoie’s blog is a fantastic pick.

Must-read Posts:

#10 – Music & Audio Tuts+

As one of the most well known music and audio blogs on the internet, you’d expect Music & Audio Tuts+ to have some pretty decent content, and it does.

Whether it’s learning to add a subtlety layer to your music or simply getting your head around fundamental concepts such as EQ and compression, Music & Audio Tuts+ provides a center for producers of all skill levels to hone their skills and expand their knowledge. A definite favorite of mine, and a blog I think everyone should follow.

Must-read Posts:

It Doesn’t Stop There

There are plenty of other blogs out there that deserve to be mentioned, so don’t see this as an exclusive list. These 10 are my personal recommendations, and I know they’re good not only due to my own experience, but the fact that they’re read by many other producers who are more experienced than me.

Now it’s your turn, what blogs do you read? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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