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The product list below is a complete catalogue of all the labels we distribute on our website, this includes our own exclusive product range as well as 3rd party products from other respected sound ware distributors. This category includes all product bundles, types, series and special offers/discounts.

  • Structure And Arrangement Training Course

    This course is completely free to watch on YouTube (link to course playlist). If you find value in the content we put out, whether it be these free training courses, the daily tips, or our blog articles, then purchasing the course from this page can act as a donation. It also may be more convenient for those of you who want to watch the course offline, as you'll receive all the videos plus resources in a zipped folder.
    Dec 12 2014 3 £6.00GBP
  • Serum Trance Essentials Volume 1

    Iconic leads, progressive plucks, smooth arpeggiated sequences, warm analog-esque basses, classic acid sounds; Serum Trance Essentials Volume 1 has it all. It's the perfect sound set for trance producers of any background, whether that's uplifting, progressive, electro-influenced trance, or even progressive house. Produced by talented sound designer Grega Cucnik, this 256-preset sound set is the perfect addition to your studio and is bound to please you and your listeners.
    Dec 05 2014 0 £22.00GBP
  • Ad Brown Template Essentials Volume 5

    Ad Brown is back again with another killer template, this time reflecting the modern progressive house sound that's gracing the ears of many. The fully arranged, mixed and mastered Logic Pro 9 template features a seemingly complex yet minimal track that boasts an intricate bassline coupled with a contrasting piano chord progression. It's the perfect template for those wishing to learn a little more about bass layering, or how to put a memorable chord progression together.
    Dec 02 2014 0 £12.00GBP
  • Temple One Spire Essentials Volume 3

    Temple One is a household name here at Freshly Squeezed Samples, mainly because he releases quality product after quality product. His third Spire sound set, Temple One Spire Essentials Volume 3, is no different. With 128 Spire presets, perfect for trance and progressive producers alike, the sound set contains all the sounds that you need to put together a professional sounding track. In addition to presets, Temple One has also included a selection of samples and loops.
    Dec 02 2014 0 £18.00GBP
  • Spire Trance Essentials Volume 1

    If you're looking for aggressive leads that will cause people to go nuts on the dancefloor or heavy bass sounds that hit people right in the chest, then Spire Trance Essentials Volume 1 is the perfect sound set for you. Produced in collaboration with the talented Fredrik Miller, this sound set contains 128 presets made exclusively for trance enthusiasts. You'll find nothing else out there like it.
    Nov 22 2014 0 £22.00GBP
  • Spire Deep House Essentials Volume 1

    Deep house is a genre that can work just as well as on the dancefloor, as it can on a home stereo system on a sunny day. If you're a deep house producer, or want to be, then this Spire sound set is a must have. Produced in collaboration with talented sound designer Jan Hinke, Spire Deep House Essentials is a comprehensive collection of 128 presets influenced and inspired by the top deep house artists around the world.
    Nov 14 2014 0 £18.00GBP
  • Spire Big Room Essentials Bundle 2

    Containing over 128 presets per volume, the Spire Big Room Essentials Bundle 2 features a comprehensive collection of over 250 professionally engineered big room orientated presets. With deep big room basses, festival inspired leads, and a selection of intricately designed arpeggiated sequences, this sound set bundle is the perfect resource for any dance music producer who's looking to experiment with the popular big room sound.
    Nov 11 2014 0 £24.00GBP
  • Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Hybrid Essentials Bundle

    Sean Tyas and Darren Porter are both well known in the trance scene for their signature sound and production abilities. They've both worked on multiple products for Freshly Squeezed Samples, and the Hybrid bundle is a reflection of that. Containing Volume 1 of their Sylenth1 sound set, as well as their renowned Spire sound set, the Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Hybrid Bundle is the perfect resource for those looking to add a unique edge to their productions.
    Nov 11 2014 1 £34.00GBP
  • Spire Big Room Essentials Volume 5

    Played at festivals and clubs around the world, the big room movement is only getting bigger, as is popular software synthesizer "Spire." Produced in collaboration with talented sound designer Ven Adams, Big Room Spire Essentials Volume 5 is a comprehensive collection of 128 presets inspired and influenced by top big room artists. Not only that, but all 7 project files used for the demo are included.
    Nov 04 2014 0 £18.00GBP
  • Leon Bolier Massive Essentials Volume 1

    Produced in collaboration with the talented Leon Bolier, this sound set features over 130 ready-to-go Native Instruments Massive presets that are sure to be a hit among producers of all genres. You'll find a selection of festival inspired leads, face-ripping bass sounds, and aggressive plucks, among many more relevant sounds heard in dance music today. The attention to detail that Leon Bolier has given to this pack makes it well worth the purchase.
    Oct 31 2014 1 £18.00GBP