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Synthesizer presets (also referred to as patches) are files that can be imported into various VST/AU software synthesizer plugins. A collection of synthesizer presets is commonly referred to as a sound set, or sound bank. Want to add a professional edge to your music? Check out our highly popular sound sets.

  • Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials

    Containing 14 GB of truly game changing content, unlike any product we have released in the past, and could well be one of the largest trance sample libraries on the market. Containing thousands of one shot samples, loops, construction kits, MIDI files and synth presets, this is one pack NOT to miss!
    May 09 2015 11 £32.00GBP
  • Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Spire Essentials Volume 2

    The two trance maestros are back at it with a brand new Spire sound set. Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Spire Essentials Volume 2 is a true work of art. With 128 carefully crafted presets, the sound set features fresh, relevant sounds heard in trance music as well as other modern dance music genres today: intricate acid sequences, thick pads, iconic sounding plucks and leads, and pounding basses.
    May 06 2015 0 £22.00GBP
  • The Thrillseekers Serum Essentials Volume 1

    The Thrillseekers Serum Trance Essentials Volume 1 contains 128 presets showcasing what Serum is truly capable of – everything from atmospheric, evolving pads to cutting-edge leads, hard hitting plucks are covered with a strong focus on instant out the box usability. All MIDI files used for the demonstration (including samples) are also included.
    Apr 10 2015 1 £22.00GBP
  • Serum Trance Essentials Volume 3

    Cutting edge trance leads, progressive plucks, tech-trance acids, warm analog-esque basses, digital FM basses; Serum Trance Essentials Volume 3 has it all. It's the perfect sound set for trance producers of any background, whether that's uplifting, progressive, electro-influenced trance, or even progressive house. Produced by talented sound designer Grega Cucnik, this 256-preset sound set is the perfect addition to your studio and is bound to please you and your listeners.
    Mar 21 2015 0 £22.00GBP
  • DIVA Trance Essentials Volume 1

    If you're looking for uplifting leads that will cause people to go nuts on the dancefloor or heavy bass sounds that hit people right in the chest, then DIVA Trance Essentials Volume 1 is the perfect sound set for you. Produced in collaboration with the talented sound designer Shaun Wallace (Sonic Elements), this sound set contains 256 presets made exclusively for trance enthusiasts. You'll find nothing else out there like it.
    Feb 27 2015 0 £22.00GBP
  • Max Braiman Trance MIDI Essentials Volume 2

    This product contains 100+ truly release quality trance MIDI construction kits, each containing associated MIDI files, FL Studio project file and synthesizer presets for every melodic element. Multiply elements are included per kit such as pads, chord leads, arpeggios, plucks, basses, sub melodies and much more. Fundamentally, the construction kits are complete tracks (or break down melodies) with all the core elements being included to inspire your own productions.
    Feb 27 2015 1 £11.00GBP
  • DUNE 2 Essential Collection Volume 2

    The DUNE 2 Essential Collection Volume 2 is a fresh new sound set for the recently popularized DUNE 2 synthesizer from Synapse Audio. The sound set contains 256 professionally engineered presets from pristine pads, plucks, and leads to heavy bass sounds and intricate FX. If you own DUNE 2 and you're looking for a high quality, usable sound set, then this is the perfect choice.
    Feb 25 2015 1 £22.00GBP
  • Max Braiman Spire Essentials Bundle

    Spire has quickly become one of the most popular software synthesizers among electronic music producers, and for good reason. The Max Braiman Spire Essentials Bundle is a truly diverse collection of quality made presets for the world-renowned Spire synth. With volumes 1, 2, and 3 of the Max Braiman Spire Essentials series, the bundle features over 370+ unique presets that are ready to use in any dance music production.
    Feb 11 2015 0 £34.00GBP
  • Max Braiman Spire Essentials Volume 3

    Max Braiman is a household name here at Freshly Squeezed Samples, mainly because he releases quality product after quality product. His third Spire sound set, Max Braiman Spire Essentials Volume 3, is no different. With 128 Spire presets, perfect for trance and progressive producers alike, the sound set contains all the sounds that you need to put together a professional sounding track. In addition to presets, Temple One has also included all the FL Studio 11 project files used for the demo.
    Feb 11 2015 0 £22.00GBP
  • Vitodito & Talamanca Template Essentials Volume 1

    This product contains a full release quality progressive house track for Ableton Live 9.1.3, including all synthesizer presets, samples and all the mixing and mastering in place for you to study and utilize as the ultimate educational tool. Vitodito is well known for his releases on labels such as Neuroscience Recordings and Perceptive Recordings while Talamanca has releases on every major progressive label and a track history of releasing club friendly productions. This template showcases a 'Vitodito' sounding progressive house track.
    Feb 08 2015 3 £18.00GBP