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Serum has been named as the best synth of 2014 and most likely 2015 as well. Developed by mastermind Steve Duda, this wavetable synth is true powerhouse that provides an endless array of sonic possibilities.

  • Serum Trance Essentials Volume 1

    Serum Trance Essentials Volume 1

    Iconic leads, progressive plucks, smooth arpeggiated sequences, warm analog-esque basses, classic acid sounds; Serum Trance Essentials Volume 1 has it all. It's the perfect sound set for trance producers of any background, whether that's uplifting, progressive, electro-influenced trance, or even progressive house. Produced by talented sound designer Grega Cucnik, this 256-preset sound set is the perfect addition to your studio and is bound to please you and your listeners.
    Dec 05 2014 £22.00GBP