Driftmoon Spire Essentials Volume 1


Produced in collaboration with talented trance producer and sound designer Juraj Klička, we are proud to present Driftmoon Spire Essentials Volume 1.

This sound set is perfect for any trance producer, whether you produce pure uplifting, tech, psy or even epic orchestral style trance. It includes sounds influenced by artists such as Fisherman & Hawkins, Mark Sixma, Dave Parkinson, Dan Stone, Ferry Tayle, ReOrder, James Dymond, Arctic Moon, Aly & Fila, Photographer, and many others.

Here are a few testimonials from proflic producers in the scene:

"Driftmoon has to be one of the best engineers out there, creating ridiculous high quality productions with mint sounds. It is nice to have access to a selection of his library!' – Ruben De Ronde

"I was in the middle of producing my album when Juraj send me this bank. And I immediately realised that his Acid presets were going to replace the sounds I already used in my tracks. I ended up using some of his excellent plucks also." – Geert Huinink

”Great edition to any collection. Leads are something I would certainly use in my productions. Drfitmoon showcasing what Spire can do! .... Great work." – Darren Porter

"Juraj is known for being a good mastering guy, now he proves that he is a very very good sound designer too! You will find here everything you need to make a track. From bass to lead, from acids to plucks, without forgetting pads. Take my money! I feel too lucky to have tried it!!” – Ferry Tayle

"As a sound designer myself I don't usually have a need for sound banks, but there are few that stand out. One of them is the Driftmoon’s Spire Essentials from Freshly Squeezed. He truly gave away some outstanding sounds in this bank!” - ReOrder

What’s Included?


  • 17 ACID presets.
  • 28 BASS presets.
  • 44 LEAD presets.
  • 14 PAD presets.
  • 25 PLUCK presets.

Driftmoon Sample Pack

  • 5 Acid Loops (provided in wet and dry variants) + MIDI Files
  • 14 Bass Loops (provided dry) + MIDI Files
  • 5 Bonus FX Samples + Hits
  • 21 Drum Loops
  • 24 FX Samples
  • 15 Kick Loops

Artistic Influence

Fisherman & Hawkins, Mark Sixma, Dave Parkinson, Dan Stone, Ferry Tayle, ReOrder, James Dymond, Arctic Moon, Aly & Fila, Photographer, and many others.

Record Label Influences

Armada Music, Kearnage, Vandit, Subculture, FSOE, Amsterdam Trance Records, A State of Trance, Enhanced Music, Monster Tunes, Damaged Records, Blue Soho, and many others.

Sound Set Properties

  • 100% royalty free.
  • 128 named presets, sorted into well-defined categories.
  • All presets are rooted (C3) and volume normalized.
  • Chart and club proven Spire presets - ready to play.
  • Road tested by the leading producers in the industry.
  • Careful FX usage for a straight-out-the-box useable sound.
  • Bonus Driftmoon sample pack included.
  • In short, the way a sound set should be!

Preset Library

Preset Name Preset Name Preset Name
ACID - Amazeballs ACID - Clickbait ACID - Climbing (Chords)
ACID - Cray ACID - Down Under ACID - F.M.L. (Mod)
ACID - Galaxy ACID - Hot Mess ACID - Jawbreaker
ACID - Mouth Stepper ACID - Phasefreeze ACID - Pulsatron
ACID - Roller ACID - Scream ACID - Sweet 16
ACID - The Trip ACID - Vape BASS - 404
BASS - Angry Moog BASS - Automaton BASS - Bad Moog
BASS - Bold Action BASS - Bottleneck BASS - Change
BASS - Consequences BASS - Cutting Edge BASS - Derivative
BASS - Distorted Message BASS - Efficient Roll BASS - Expectations
BASS - Focus BASS - Imagination BASS - Inspirative Roll
BASS - Lowrider BASS - Nanobots BASS - Old School
BASS - Reinvented BASS - Renew BASS - Rider
BASS - Rock On BASS - Slumdog BASS - Subatomic
BASS - Tom Tom Tom BASS - Tsunami BASS - You Decide
LEAD - Analogue Anatomy LEAD - Audience LEAD - Background
LEAD - Bailout LEAD - Breakdown LEAD - Chemistry
LEAD - Complex LEAD - Cross Section LEAD - Dementia
LEAD - Digital Anatomy LEAD - Digital Mayhem LEAD - Discipline
LEAD - Eventually LEAD - Everything LEAD - Festiva
LEAD - Frozenharbour LEAD - Full On LEAD - Groundline
LEAD - Happy Chords LEAD - Honest Pluck LEAD - Longterm
LEAD - Mass Effect LEAD - Monoprase LEAD - Network
LEAD - Oldschool Trance LEAD - On The Peak LEAD - Phasing Development
LEAD - Phrasing LEAD - Preamp LEAD - Primary
LEAD - Similar LEAD - Solid LEAD - Solutions
LEAD - Space LEAD - Stress LEAD - Sweezer
LEAD - Synth Church LEAD - Three Notes LEAD - Topline
LEAD - Trance Polution LEAD - Twilight LEAD - Viral
LEAD - Why We Love LEAD - Zemapo PAD - Afterlife
PAD - Air Strings PAD - Bitrayal PAD - Gothica
PAD - Loud & Proud PAD - Multiplex Sadness PAD - Nuvoice
PAD - Ost PAD - Reressive Desublimation PAD - Sad Juno
PAD - Soaring Voices PAD - Solitutde PAD - Trancey
PAD - Vibrations PLUCK - Anthropocene PLUCK - Arpina
PLUCK - Artifficial PLUCK - Biters PLUCK - Bubble Arp
PLUCK - Cyberspace PLUCK - Destiny PLUCK - Distormia
PLUCK - Downsize PLUCK - Evolve PLUCK - Faded Attack
PLUCK - Ground PLUCK - Jupiter PLUCK - Major
PLUCK - Mega PLUCK - Neural Coupling PLUCK - Singularity
PLUCK - Sofia PLUCK - Sustainable PLUCK - Synthetic
PLUCK - Telomeres PLUCK - The Breakdown PLUCK - Transparency
PLUCK - Underground PLUCK - Weak A.I.

Product Compatibility

This product requires Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer version 1.1.7 or upwards to function correctly. There is no guarantee that they will work with older versions. This version is currently stable and available for Microsoft Windows XP/7/8 and Apple OS X Mavericks in both 32 and 64 bit variants.

NOTE: Refunds will not be given for customers who do not meet this minimum requirement.

Product Explanation

This product contains synthesizer presets and associated MIDI files for educational purposes. Presets do not contain sampled audio (melodic or otherwise) but rather ‘data’ (synthesizer programs) that can be loaded using the popular Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer software synthesizer. A collection of presets is collectively referred to as a bank.

Other common terms for this type of product are: Spire Presets, Spire Soundbank, Spire Patches, Spire Soundset, VST Presets and VST Bank.

Technical Specification

  • Format(s): SBF, WAV, MID
  • Type: Presets/Patches
  • Number of Presets: 128
  • Product Series: Artist Series
  • This product is available for download instantly after purchase.


All melodies used in the demonstration files are copyrighted to the respective owners. All the MIDI data and sequences are strictly for educational purposes only, and not to be abused in any way. If you purchase an item containing FL Studio, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase Project File(s) and/or associated MIDI files you are agreeing to these terms.

The sound set requires Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer version 1.1.7 or upwards to function correctly. There is no guarantee that they will work with older versions.

The product images are for illustrative purposes only and no physical product will be shipped when an item is purchased. All products are delivered as digitally downloadable files.

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