Max Braiman Reverb Essentials Volume 1


Produced in collaboration with talented trance producer Max Braiman, we’re proud to present the Max Braiman Reverb Essentials Volume 1 sound set for Valhalla Room reverb.

Valhalla Room, developed by ValhallaDSP, is now regarded as one of the best reverbs you can buy on a budget. A straightforward, fantastic sounding reverb plugin that’s has been compared to high-end hardware reverbs and expensive software plugins.

Each of the 100 presets included in the pack are categorized into Bass, Drums, Effects, Leads, Pads, Piano, Plucks, Random, Special, and Vocals, allowing for quick and easy navigation.

In addition to being effectively categorized, Max Braiman Reverb Essentials Volume 1 also includes both send and insert versions of each preset, so you’re effectively getting 200 presets for the price of 100!

What’s Included?

  • 10 BASS presets.
  • 11 DRUM presets.
  • 10 FX presets.
  • 10 LEAD presets.
  • 10 PAD presets.
  • 10 PIANO presets.
  • 10 PLUCK presets.
  • 9 RANDOM presets.
  • 10 SPECIAL presets.
  • 10 VOCAL presets.

Preset Name Preset Name Preset Name
BASS - Air BASS - Bounce BASS - Darker
BASS - Echoes BASS - Floaty BASS - Heavy
BASS - Pure Room BASS - Saws BASS - Sean Tyas
BASS - Tube DRUM - Clap Delay DRUM - Clap Fx
DRUM - Clap Tail DRUM - Closed Hats DRUM - Hihat Depth
DRUM - Loops DRUM - Perc Sizzle DRUM - Prog Kick
DRUM - Room Kick DRUM - Shaker DRUM - Snare Crunch
FX - Damp FX - Foggy FX - Forever
FX - Ghost FX - Ocean FX - Rain
FX - Room Effects FX - Stutter FX - Sweeps
FX - Trapped LEAD - Bounce Back LEAD - Brighter
LEAD - Cut Off LEAD - Driving LEAD - Extra Reverb
LEAD - Far Away LEAD - Fast LEAD - Medium
LEAD - Room LEAD - Standard PAD - Calm
PAD - Detuned PAD - Huge PAD - Long
PAD - More Body PAD - Saws PAD - Standard
PAD - Strings PAD - Super Decay PAD - Temple One
PIANO - Brighter PIANO - Chorus PIANO - Dampened
PIANO - Darker PIANO - Distant PIANO - Fast Tail
PIANO - Large Room PIANO - Light PIANO - Long
PIANO - Space PLUCK - Arty PLUCK - Big Room
PLUCK - Detuned PLUCK - Diffused PLUCK - Long
PLUCK - Muffled PLUCK - Room PLUCK - Scattered
PLUCK - Short PLUCK - Standard RANDOM - Blast
RANDOM - Crackling RANDOM - Crunchy RANDOM - Loud
RANDOM - Messy RANDOM - Rain RANDOM - Subby
RANDOM - Swarm RANDOM - Unstable SPECIAL - Artificial
SPECIAL - Dark SPECIAL - Mental SPECIAL - Off Tune
SPECIAL - Perc SPECIAL - Psychedellic SPECIAL - Scatter
SPECIAL - Stabs SPECIAL - Traffic SPECIAL - Wide
VOCAL - Chamber VOCAL - Heavy VOCAL - Modulate
VOCAL - Room VOCAL - Sizzle VOCAL - Standard
VOCAL - Strong VOCAL - Techno VOCAL - Trance
VOCAL - Upfront

Technical Specification

  • Format(s): VPRESET
  • Type: Presets/Patches
  • Number Of Presets: 100 (send & insert versions for each)
  • Product Series: Effect Essentials


All melodies used in the demonstration files are copyrighted to the respective owners. All the MIDI data and sequences are strictly for educational purposes only, and not to be abused in any way. If you purchase an item containing FL Studio, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase Project File(s) and/or associated MIDI files you are agreeing to these terms.

The FL Studio (.flp) files are for FL Studio 11.1 and above. It is not guaranteed that they will work with older versions.

The Ableton Live (.als) project files are for Ableton Live 9.1.4 and above. It is not guaranteed that they will work with older versions.

The Apple Logic (.logic) project files are for Apple Logic Pro X and above. It is not guaranteed that they will work with older versions.

The Steinberg Cubase (.cpr) project files are for Steinberg Cubase 7.5 and above. It is not guaranteed that they will work with older versions.

The preset pack requires ValhallaDSP ValhallaRoom version 1.1.0 or upwards to function correctly. There is no guarantee that they will work with older versions.

The product images are for illustrative purposes only and no physical product will be shipped when an item is purchased. All products are delivered as digitally downloadable files.

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