Spire Future Chillout Volume 1

Spire Future Chillout Volume 1£18.00GBP

Note: This product is also available on our sister website, Sample Foundry. However we felt due to the nature of the sounds included it was better at home on Freshly Squeezed Samples.

Containing 128 Spire Presets, 36 MIDI files and a complete FL Studio 12.3 demo project file, this pack captures the warm summer chillout vibe with a futuristic twist making the presets usable for cinematic scoring, future progressive and ambient music.

Produced by Fredrik Miller, renowned sound designer from Freshly Squeezed Samples and widely known for his trance production work, these Spire presets, samples and loops are perfect for the futuristic chillout sound, or any genre that needs a evolving, cinematic soundscapes.

This sound set was inspired by artists such as Stellardrone, Mac Quayle, Jón Hallur, Aural Planet, Astropilot, Jean Michel Jarre and game soundtracks such as EvE Online, No Man's Sky and Mass Effect.

Of course, all presets are normalized, rooted, and mod wheel mapped, and all are well categorized to make finding the right sound simple and intuitive, just like you’ve come to expect from us.

What’s Included?

128 Spire Presets – Craft angelic, atmospheric pad lines with over a hundred presets designed to deliver atmospheric, electronic chillout sounds.

36 MIDI Files – Just as you’ve heard in the demo, these are complete pieces that are ready for you to mix, match, and groove. All MIDI files are organized into individual folders and named after the presets used for each individual element.

FL Studio 12.3 Project File - Use the project files to learn new production techniques and see real world examples of how to utilise the presets in production. Everything you hear in the demo is included – all samples, channel strips, MIDI data and mastering Is in place for you to study as the ultimate educational tool.

FL Studio Project Files

Along with the presets we have also included the FL Studio 12.3 project files used to create the individual demos. Use the project files to learn new production techniques and see real world examples of how to utilise the presets in production. Everything you hear in the demo is included – all samples, channel strips, MIDI data and mastering Is in place for you to study as the ultimate educational tool.

Disclaimer: Reveal Sound Spire 1.1.8 is required to load the FL Studio 12.3 project files, as well as a high-end system due to the amount of Spire instances used. The included presets are compatible with Reveal Sound Spire 1.1.8.

Preset Library

Preset Name Preset Name Preset Name
ARP - Arpy ARP - Astropilot ARP - Castle In Sky
ARP - Chronos ARP - Discovering ARP - Odessey
ARP - Psychill ARP - Sequence I ARP - Sequence Ii
ARP - Sequence Iii ARP - Sequence Iv ARP - Sequence V
ARP - Space Probe ARP - Space Travel I ARP - Space Travel Ii
ARP - Stellardrone BASS - Bacid I BASS - Bacid Ii
BASS - Basic Analog BASS - Bass I BASS - Bass Ii
BASS - Bass Iii BASS - Cosmo BASS - Deepness
BASS - Electricity I BASS - Electricity Ii BASS - Pure Sub
BASS - Space Drone BASSSEQ - Bassline I BASSSEQ - Bassline Ii
BASSSEQ - Bassline Iii BASSSEQ - Chillout BASSSEQ - Galaxy Base
BASSSEQ - Mirror's Edge PAD - 7Th Sweep PAD - Air Pad I
PAD - Air Pad Ii PAD - Air Pad Iii PAD - Ambient Pad I
PAD - Ambient Pad Ii PAD - Ancient Crystal PAD - Andromeda
PAD - Asteroid Belt PAD - Atmospheric PAD - Cosmic Movement
PAD - Cosmic Sweep PAD - Deep Ambience I PAD - Deep Ambience Ii
PAD - Distored Pad PAD - Dreamscape PAD - Eclipse
PAD - Eve PAD - Exploring PAD - Fm Space I
PAD - Fm Space Ii PAD - Galactic PAD - Gravity
PAD - Hemisphere PAD - Infinity PAD - Insomnia
PAD - Into Space PAD - Leaving Earth PAD - Meditation
PAD - Moving Voices PAD - Mr.Robot PAD - Nebula
PAD - Organ Pad PAD - Particles PAD - Phazed Out
PAD - Saturn PAD - Simple Sine PAD - Simple Square
PAD - Spacemind PAD - Star Walk PAD - Stargazer
PAD - Stellar PAD - Sublime PAD - Sweep Pad I
PAD - Sweep Pad Ii PAD - Sweep Pad Iii PAD - Sweep Pad Iv
PAD - Universe PAD - Uplift Chill I PAD - Uplift Chill Ii
PLUCK - 7Th Pluck PLUCK - Astral PLUCK - Beep
PLUCK - Bell Dream PLUCK - Bells I PLUCK - Bells Ii
PLUCK - Crystal Dreamer PLUCK - Detuned Sine PLUCK - Dist Ambience
PLUCK - Dreamway PLUCK - Light Echoes PLUCK - Mysterious
PLUCK - Orbit PLUCK - Past Galaxy PLUCK - Pluck I
PLUCK - Pluck Ii PLUCK - Pluck Iii PLUCK - Soft Pluck
SEQ - Distance SEQ - Elements SEQ - Gate I
SEQ - Gate Ii SEQ - Gate Iii SEQ - Gate Iv
SEQ - Lost Sequence SEQ - Pad Gate I SEQ - Pad Gate Ii
SEQ - Phaze SEQ - Reborn SEQ - Unreal
SYNTH - Analog Dream SYNTH - Aurora SYNTH - Blue Sky
SYNTH - Electric SYNTH - Fantasy Voice I SYNTH - Fantasy Voice Ii
SYNTH - Galactic Key SYNTH - Let's Fly SYNTH - Long Distance
SYNTH - Morning Star SYNTH - Phazor SYNTH - Solarsoul
SYNTH - Space Lead I SYNTH - Space Lead Ii


All of the presets, samples and loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use these sounds in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.


All melodies used in the demonstration files are copyrighted to the respective owners. All the MIDI data and sequences are strictly for educational purposes only, and not to be abused in any way. If you purchase an item containing FL Studio, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase Project File(s) and/or associated MIDI files you are agreeing to these terms.

The sound set requires Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer version 1.1.9 or upwards to function correctly. There is no guarantee that they will work with older versions.

The product images are for illustrative purposes only and no physical product will be shipped when an item is purchased. All products are delivered as digitally downloadable files.

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