Structure And Arrangement Training Course

Structure And Arrangement Training Course

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Structure and arrangement—two concepts that appear simple initially, but are more involved than people realize.

No matter how good you are at sound design or mixing, if you don’t know how to structure a song, then you’re selling yourself short as a producer. It’s an area that many producer neglect, simply because they feel that it’s too easy (and that may be the case for some), or that it’s boring.

Which is why we’ve put together this course: Structure and Arrangement in Electronic Music. The course features 25 videos split into different sections: Structure Analysis, Track Analysis, Workflow, and Song Creation. Each section teaches something different with tips being shared sporadically throughout the course.

What’s Taught in the Course?

The course is quite theoretical and analytical, which makes total sense considering learning structure is something that comes best through study. As such, we’ll be starting off by avoiding practical work and instead studying the structure of different genres and tracks, scattering tips and insight along the way.

Both tension and energy as concepts make an appearance soon after the Structure Analysis section before leading into the more in-depth Track Analysis and then workflow techniques. To conclude the course, we create a full track from start to finish, placing heavy focus on structure and arrangement.

Here’s the course outline as shown in this video (link to course outline).


  • What is Structure and Arrangement? Why is it Necessary?
  • Phrasing

Structure Analysis

  • Sonata Form
  • Pop
  • Trance
  • House

Tension and Energy

  • What is Tension and Energy?
  • Building an Energy Map

Track Analysis

  • Trance Track A
  • Trance Track B
  • House Track A
  • House Track B


  • Building Blocks
  • MIDI Skeleton
  • Piano Based
  • Subtractive


  • Building a Loop
  • Fleshing Out a Basic Structure
  • Composing and Editing Parts
  • Adding FX for Tension and Energy
  • Preparing for Mixdown
  • Basic Mixdown

Why Buy It?

This course is available to watch absolutely free on YouTube with no strings attached. So if you do not want to spend any money, that’s fine.

However, if you find value in the free content we put out, and want to donate to support Freshly Squeezed Samples but can’t afford to drop money on one of our more expensive products, then purchasing and downloading this course is the perfect way to do so. We’re a small business and every little bit helps, especially with the amount of time invested in providing free tuition and tips.

Furthermore, if you’d rather download the videos to watch later, but can’t be bothered going through the process of downloading each one from YouTube, then paying a few dollars is very convenient. You’ll receive a zipped package containing all the videos as well as the resources used in the course.

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