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Formed in the late 90's, but evolving at a rapid rate ever since, electro house is a genre at the forefront of innovation. The products listed below cater to the gritty, harsh, and creative sounds used in the genre.

  • Serum Trance Essentials Bundle

    This product contains all volumes 1, 2, and 3 of our Serum Trance Essentials series combined into one affordable bundle, saving you £44 (nearly 50% of the original combined price) and giving you an enormous collection of 691 cutting-edge and high-quality presets to satisfy a variety of tastes.
    Aug 15 2017 0 £32.00GBP
  • DUNE 2 Essential Collection Bundle

    This product contains Volumes 1, 2, and 3 of the Dune 2 Essentials Collection, combined into one affordable bundle that saves you £44 (nearly 50% of the original combined price) and gives you a massive collection of 768 pristine presets, including intricately designed pads, plucks, and leads, right next to floor-shaking bass sounds and tension-building FX. Essentially, the "bread and butter" sounds.
    Aug 15 2017 0 £32.00GBP
  • House Sax Riffs

    House Sax Riffs delivers a stylish variety of 287 live saxophone samples, including funky loops, stabs, long tones, technical riffs, improvisational solos, rhythmic phrases, memorable hooks, and soulful melodies that work well across genres, including house, nu disco, and garage.
    Jul 05 2017 0 £18.00GBP
  • Urban House Vocals

    Urban House Vocals features a fun and versatile collection of 332 male vocal samples - sassy shouts, energetic one-shots, soulful sung phrases, detuned vocals, and funky vocal chop loops that are perfect for house, garage, techno, EDM, and more.
    Jul 05 2017 0 £18.00GBP
  • Sweet Soul Vocals

    Looplicious proudly presents Sweet Soul Vocals, a highly usable vocal sample pack featuring 100 gentle, sensual, and soulful melodic phrases and ad-libs that are ideal for house, future bass, nu disco, chillout, and more.
    Jul 05 2017 0 FREE
  • Dave Parkinson House Essentials

    The sample pack covers a wide range of house sub genres including deep, future, classic, tech and uplifting variants. The full package weighs in at just under 10GB (uncompressed) and is literally overflowing with creative inspiration from one of the most established and sought after producers in the scene today.
    Dec 04 2015 0 £22.00GBP
  • Sunny Lax Kick Essentials Volume 2

    Sunny Lax is back with a fresh collection of 250 cutting-edge professionally engineered kick samples, spanning across all 12 keys (giving 3000 samples in total). All samples are neatly categorized into an easy to navigate key-labelled folder structure, making it quick and easy to find the perfect kick for your production. The kicks are diverse and cover a wide range of genres including modern progressive, trance and deeper underground styles. All kicks are ready-to-use in any sampler that supports regular PCM WAV format files.
    Oct 25 2015 0 £12.00GBP
  • Serum Trance Essentials Volume 3

    Cutting edge trance leads, progressive plucks, tech-trance acids, warm analog-esque basses, digital FM basses; Serum Trance Essentials Volume 3 has it all. It's the perfect sound set for trance producers of any background, whether that's uplifting, progressive, electro-influenced trance, or even progressive house. Produced by talented sound designer Grega Cucnik, this 256-preset sound set is the perfect addition to your studio and is bound to please you and your listeners.
    Mar 21 2015 0 £18.00GBP
  • DUNE 2 Essential Collection Volume 2

    The DUNE 2 Essential Collection Volume 2 is a fresh new sound set for the recently popularized DUNE 2 synthesizer from Synapse Audio. The sound set contains 256 professionally engineered presets from pristine pads, plucks, and leads to heavy bass sounds and intricate FX. If you own DUNE 2 and you're looking for a high quality, usable sound set, then this is the perfect choice.
    Feb 25 2015 1 £18.00GBP
  • Serum Trance Essentials Volume 2

    If you're looking for aggressive leads that will cause people to go nuts on the dancefloor or heavy bass sounds that hit people right in the chest, then Serum Trance Essentials Volume 2 is the perfect sound set for you. Produced in collaboration with the talented sound designer John Glenn Kunkel, this sound set contains 256 presets made exclusively for trance enthusiasts. You'll find nothing else out there like it.
    Feb 02 2015 0 £18.00GBP