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Diva (an acronym for Dinosaur-Impersonating Virtual Analogue) is arguably the best-sounding software synthesizer we've ever used. German developer Urs Heckmann (also the creator of Zebra) delivers an ambitious subtractive synth that can easily be considered one of the most realistic-sounding virtual analog instruments created to date.

  • DIVA Trance Essentials Volume 1

    DIVA Trance Essentials Volume 1

    If you're looking for uplifting leads that will cause people to go nuts on the dancefloor or heavy bass sounds that hit people right in the chest, then DIVA Trance Essentials Volume 1 is the perfect sound set for you. Produced in collaboration with the talented sound designer Shaun Wallace (Sonic Elements), this sound set contains 256 presets made exclusively for trance enthusiasts. You'll find nothing else out there like it.
    Feb 27 2015