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Adam Ellis Music Institute (Las Vegas 2018) - Be part of something special

0 Nov 27 2018 in News
At the Adam Ellis Music Institute, you not only experience a truly unique & exciting learning opportunity, but will experience it in one of the most famous cities in the world - Las…

Sponsoring Trance Retreat

0 Nov 01 2017 in News
We are proud to be sponsoring our very first event: Trance Retreat in Berlin Germany, established by leading trance producer Dennis Sheperd.

5 Things To Do When Asking For Feedback

1 Dec 23 2014 in Tips/Tutorials
You already know what to avoid when asking for feedback, this time we go over a few things you should actually do.

5 Things Not To Do When Asking For Feedback

0 Dec 23 2014 in Tips/Tutorials
We all know how important feedback is, but some of us go about it the wrong way. In this post I go over 5 things that you should avoid when asking for feedback.

Interview with Jason Ross on Anjunabeats Signing, Creative Process and Taking Your Work Seriously

0 Nov 06 2014 in Interviews
Anjunabeat's newest signee Jason Ross joins us for an interview. We talk about how he got to where he is, the importance of taking your work seriously, and also Jason's creative…

10 Underrated Synths You Should Be Using

2 Nov 03 2014 in Resources
We all know about Sylenth1 and Massive. In this post I shed light on 10 less popular synths that you should know about.

Interview with Dave Parkinson on Workflow, Collaboration, and His Upcoming Sample Pack

0 Nov 03 2014 in Interviews
In this interview we talk to Dave Parkinson, prolific producer and engineer basd in the UK. Dave gives insight into his production process, how he works with other artists, and offers…

Interview with Craig Connelly

0 Oct 17 2014 in Interviews
In this interview we talk to Craig Connelly, talented trance producer from the UK. Craig gives insight into his production process, what's in his studio, and how he works with…

Interview with Ilan Bluestone

0 Oct 06 2014 in Interviews
Anjunabeats producer Ilan Bluestone joins us for an insightful interview into his production techniques, his favorite gear, and how he got to where he is today.

9 Places to Find Free Samples

1 Oct 02 2014 in Resources
Premium products aren't always affordable; fortunately, you can build your production library without spending a dime. In this post I share 9 places that offer free samples.

Interview with Mark Sherry

0 Oct 02 2014 in Interviews
Mark Sherry is an incredibly talented music producer known for his extensive work in the tech-trance scene. In this interview he gives deep insight into his production techniques,…

Interview with John Kunkel (The New Division)

0 Oct 02 2014 in Interviews
To kick off our series of interviews we have none other than the talented John Kunkel from The New Division. In this interview we talk about creativity, workflow, vocal recording,…