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The genre that can work just as well on the beach as it can in a club, progressive house remains popular for many reasons – it's memorable, easy to listen to, and incredibly diverse. The products below will help you achieve the progressive sound that everybody loves.

  • Dave Parkinson House Essentials

    The sample pack covers a wide range of house sub genres including deep, future, classic, tech and uplifting variants. The full package weighs in at just under 10GB (uncompressed) and is literally overflowing with creative inspiration from one of the most established and sought after producers in the scene today.
    Dec 04 2015 0 £42.00GBP
  • Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Definitive Collection Bundle

    The Sean Tyas and Darren Porter Definitive Collection Bundle is a collection of Sean and Darren's best work, including an extensive library of presets for two of the world's most popular synths: Spire and Sylenth1. In this bundle you'll find both volumes of the Sean Tyas and Darren Porter Spire Essentials series, both volumes of the Sean Tyas and Darren Porter Sylenth1 Essentials series, Darren Porter Spire Essentials Volume 1, as well as Sean Tyas Kick Essentials Volume 1.
    Feb 20 2017 0 £52.00GBP
  • Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Sylenth1 Essentials Bundle

    Love trance music? Save £30 by purchasing Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Sylenth1 Essentials Volume 1 and 2 together in this exclusive bundle deal! Each sound set features 128 professionally engineered presets, that, while trance-orientated, cover many different styles of electronic music.
    Feb 16 2017 0 £34.00GBP
  • Driftmoon Spire Essentials Volume 2

    Legendary trance producer Juraj Klička (Driftmoon) is back yet again with another cutting edge soundset for Reveal Sound Spire. Volume 2 follows closely on the heels of the first volume and contains intricate acid sequences, cinematic pads, iconic sounding plucks and leads, and pounding Armada inspired trance basses. Perfect for those wanting to create anthems that light up the dance floor and leave a memorable impact on the listener, ideal for not only banging & uplifting styles, but also easily useable on other genres.
    Feb 16 2017 0 £32.00GBP
  • Sunny Lax Serum Essentials Volume 1

    With 128 club-orientated Serum presets (and 38 custom wavetables), this sound set provides you will the tools needed to produce a high quality, memorable track in any modern genre of electronic music. Sunny Lax has modelled sounds off popular artists such as Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Andrew Bayer, Grum, Ilan Bluestone, Deadmau5, Aly & Fila, and many others.

    Jan 29 2017 0 £34.00GBP
  • Sunny Lax Virus TI Essentials Volume 1

    After the success of Sunny Lax' previous releases, we thought it was time we put together our first hardware only sound set, and there is no better trance orientated synth than the Virus TI. Everything from euphoric progressive plucks to big, in-your-face lead sounds is included in combination with edgy bass-lines and mellow pads. Sunny Lax has done a great job of creating a high quality sound set that can be applied to a diverse range of genres.
    Nov 16 2016 0 £32.00GBP
  • Dave Parkinson Future Trance Essentials Standard Edition

    Dave Parkinson Future Trance Essentials Standard Edition contains 19+ Gb of world-class trance production content including drum hits, drum loops, synth loops, bass loops, FX, synth presets and more from one of the most sought after producer/engineers in the scene. The content covers a combination of future progressive (80's, deep and 'Prydz' inspired progressive), full on Team 140 style, tech-trance, psy trance, techno and deep/progressive.
    Nov 07 2016 0 £52.00GBP
  • Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Sylenth1 Essentials Volume 2

    The two trance maestros are back at it with a brand new Sylenth1 sound set. Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Sylenth1 Essentials Volume 2 is a true work of art. With 128 carefully crafted presets, the sound set features fresh, relevant sounds heard in trance music as well as other modern dance music genres today: intricate acid sequences, thick pads, iconic sounding plucks and leads, and pounding basses.
    Oct 18 2016 0 £32.00GBP
  • Activa Trance Essentials Volume 2

    Containing 6.3 GB of truly game changing content, this is the long awaited follow up to one of the most successful trance sample packs on the market. Containing thousands of instantly usable precision cut one shots, loops, construction kits, MIDI files and synth presets, this is one pack NOT to miss!
    Aug 17 2016 0 £52.00GBP
  • Mandy Jones Vocal Essentials

    This comprehensive royalty-free vocal sample pack is one of the largest on the market, containing over 6GB of highly usable content, including a stunning collection of 23 vocal construction kits, each with corresponding FL Studio project files, MIDI files, and presets, as well as classic and exotic ad-libs, melodic vocal phrases, spoken words and phrases, single tones, breaths, vocal FX, and vocal percussion hits. This is truly a unique, yet quintessential sample library that is designed to be suitable for modern progressive, trance and related sub genres.
    Aug 06 2016 2 £32.00GBP