Activa Trance Essentials


Produced in collaboration with established trance producer Rob Stevenson (Activa), we are proud to present the Activa Trance Essentials sample library.

Since 2004, Rob ‘Activa’ Stevenson has forged a career as one of the hardest working producers in the trance genre, with a number of aliases and styles, releasing on the biggest labels in the world including Paul van Dyk’s mighty Vandit Records, Black Hole, Armada and Anjunabeats, before finding a home at UK independent, Discover Records where he released the critically acclaimed album, This World in 2009 and its follow up, To The Point in 2011.

This sample library contains a fresh collection of inspirational drum loops, drum/FX one shots, construction kits and a huge MIDI library that is sure to get your creative juices flowing. If you are after the clean, pumping, trance sound of producers like Activa, Simon Patterson, John O’Callaghan, Giuseppe Ottaviani and alike, this sample pack is a must have part of your studio arsenal. We guarantee this sample library will become the foundation of every studio session.

With this product we wanted to capture the true 'Activa' sound, rather than just have Rob produce this sample library as a side-project, we asked him to look at this project as a way of cataloguing his own studio sessions and centralizing his production library into a single product. We truly believe Rob over delivered with this ground breaking bundle.

All files are neatly organised into their own unique sub folders, and all files are named and numbered so you can find them quickly during those creative studio sessions. All samples contain BPM (Beats Per Minute) information and root key information (where appropriate). Every melodic ‘loop’ has an associated corresponding MIDI file, including all the bass lines, synth loops, construction kits, etc.

As with every product we release, we strive to deliver the highest quality samples in the industry and this sample library is no exception. This sample library contains the true, popular, trending club sounds that are being played by DJ’s around the globe right now. So truly fresh, inspirational, road tested sounds ready to use out of the box.

This sample library is released as part of our new Artist Series product series, where we give you everything needed to get started from the word go; our sound sets contain the real "bread and butter" sounds that you actually need to get your productions off the ground. No need to waste time searching online communities, we give you the actual sounds professional producers are using in the studio right now.

Artistic Influences

While producing this sound set we were inspired and influenced by the following talented producers and artists.

Activa, Simon Patterson, John O’Callaghan, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Simon Bostock, Sonic Element, Dan Stone, Rank-1, Ben Gold, Armin van Buuren and many others.

Record Label Influences

Below is a list of popular record labels that currently play host to the type of ‘sounds’ the sample library features. This list can also be used to find a suitable record label for your completed productions.

Borderline, Deep Blue Recordings, Always Alive, Enhanced Recordings, Armada Recordings, A State Of Trance, Amon Vision, Perceptive Recordings, Alter Ego Records, Anjunabeats, Anjunadeep, Infrasonic Recordings, Fraction Recordings, Flashover Recordings, Monster Tunes, AVA Recordings and many others.

Sample Library Properties

  • 100% royalty free.
  • 2770+ named samples, sorted into well-defined categories.
  • All samples are rooted and volume normalized.
  • Chart and club proven samples - ready to use out the box.
  • Road tested by the leading producers in the industry.
  • 8 Inspirational construction kits to get you started.
  • ‘Wet’ and ‘Dry’ variants are included for all tonal/melodic samples.
  • MIDI files are included for all bassline, synth and FX loops.
  • In short, the way a sound set should be!

Quality Assurance

Due to our dedication and passion for delivering the highest quality sound ware in the industry, we are tried, tested and trusted by the leading artists in the electronic dance music scene on every release. Our mission is simple; to raise the bar with every product we deliver and set the industry standard.

Below is a short list of artists, producers and engineers that actively use this particular product.

Armin van Buuren, Super8 & Tab, Ben Gold, M.I.K.E, Temple One, Far Too Loud, Thomas Gold, The Frederik, Ryan Enzed, Bart Claessen, Beat Service and Andrew Dawson.

Sample Library

Bassline Loops/Samples

  • 30x Bassline Loops with BPM/key information + MIDI files for each loop.
  • 30x Bassline Multisamples (for each sub bass) for easy sampler import.
  • 113x Top Bassline Loop Samples (included in wet/dry variations with MIDI files).
  • 200x Top Bassline Single Hit Samples all with root key data included.

Construction Kits

  • 8x Complete 'Building Blocks' Construction Kits (including all audio stems + MIDI files)
  • 5x Complete 'Melodic' MIDI Construction Kits (Please hear 'Alternative Demo')
  • 7x Bonus Kits packed with melodic ideas
  • 3x Remix Kits included for reference/educational purposes

Drum Hits (One Shots)

  • 50x Clap Samples
  • 50x Closed Hats
  • 25x Crash Cymbal FX
  • 25x Crash Cymbals
  • 62x Kick Samples
  • 25x Open Hat Samples
  • 150x Percussion Samples
  • 10x Ride Cymbals
  • 25x Shaker Samples
  • 50x Snare Samples

Drum/Percussion Loops

  • 225x Fully Unique Drum Loops all provided with BPM + Full, Stripped and Percussion variants (670+ Drum Loops in total).

FX/Sound Effects

  • 30x Explosions
  • 62x FX Loops all with Key + BPM Information included.
  • 71x FX One Shots
  • 50x Percussion FX
  • 20x Reverb Kicks
  • 50x Reverse FX
  • 50x Snare Rolls
  • 154x Vocal Stabs


  • 111x Synth Hit Samples provided in wet/dry variants.
  • 100x Synth Loop Samples (all with BPM + Root Key + MIDI Files)

Sample Library Summary

  • 619x Bassline samples
  • 84x Construction Kit Files
  • 472x Drum Hits
  • 676x Drum Loops
  • 487x FX/Sound Effects
  • 359x Synth Samples

Product Compatibility

This product includes a combination of WAV files, MIDI files and construction kits (combined WAV + MIDI files). All the files are compatible with Image-Line Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase and any digital audio workstation (DAW) that supports WAV and MIDI files. The included files are compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X Mountain Lion.

Product Explanation

This product contains trance samples and associated corresponding MIDI files for melodic ‘loops’. These files can be used in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of your choice and are compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Other common terms for this type of product are: Trance Samples, Drum Samples, Drum Loops, Trance MIDI Files, Trance Construction Kits and Trance Drums.

Technical Specification

  • Availability: Instant Download
  • Format(s): WAV, MID
  • Type: Sample Library
  • Number Of Files: 2772
  • Size (Compressed):
  • Size (Uncompressed):
  • Label: Freshly Squeezed Samples
  • Product Series: Artist Series

With this, you've got yourself the ultimate package of high quality, highly popular and fully club oriented trance samples!


The product images are for illustrative purposes only and no physical product will be shipped when an item is purchased. All products are delivered as digitally downloadable files.

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Product Testimonials

Product review: Alastair Dolman (AWD) on Aug 12 2014

The day I discovered the Freshly Squeezed Samples website was certainly a game changer for me. Their Sylenth1 sound banks have been a staple feature in every single one of my releases to date, whether it be through tweaking or processing a patch, or using it straight out of the box. Freshly Squeezed Samples are my go to sound library provider.

Product review: Emanuele Lucariello (Manuel Le Saux) on Aug 07 2014

About Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Sylenth1 Essentials Volume 1:

Very good soundbank, brilliant sounds, perfect for creating real trance. Thumbs up for Mr. Tyas and Mr. Porter!

Product review: Simon Oliver Patterson (Simon Patterson | Dogzilla) on Aug 07 2014

About Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Sylenth1 Essentials Volume 1:

Love it. All sound great and would probably use all of them.

Product review: Gary Maguire (Gary Maguire) on Aug 05 2014

Always been a huge fan of Freshly Squeezed Samples. It's always been quality over quantity with every product released, from their sound banks to sample libraries, I use them in literally every production.

They are my go to sounds when I am writing and have been a massive help for my tracks. I couldn't recommend them enough!

Product review: Erick Morillo (Erick Morillo) on Aug 05 2014

I really liked the Sylenth1 sound sets - actually used some of the presets already and they sound amazing!

Thanks for constantly delivering quality products guys!

Product review: Jake Shanahan (Shanahan) on Aug 05 2014

Freshly Squeezed Samples are one of the leading companies in the world of presets and samples. I love sifting through some of the new packs finding new inspiration to apply to my forever-growing catalogue of production resources. The quality is very high and they give you tons of fresh ideas to incorporate in your own productions!

Product review: Johan Malmgren (Johan Malmgren) on Aug 05 2014

Loving the sounds of The Thrillseekers Studio Essentials!

Product review: Serik Slobodskoy (Hyperbits) on Aug 05 2014

We couldn't be more in love with Freshly Squeezed Samples. The sound sets are alarmingly tasteful and thorough, essential for making clean, club friendly music. As soon as we began incorporating Freshly Squeezed Samples sounds into our tracks, our productions reached a whole new level of quality and finesse. Simply put, Freshly Squeezed Samples are changing the game.

Freshly Squeezed Samples soundbanks make their way into every single track I produce. Simply put, the Temple One Sylenth1 essentials Volumes 1-3 are some of the most powerful and competitive sounds in electronic dance music right now.

Product review: Tom Colontonio (Tom Colontonio) on Aug 05 2014

Really loving the Sylenth1 and V-Station sound sets, they are full of quality sounds from driving basses to cutting-edge leads and plucks! These will really help me out a lot with upcoming productions! I found some really tweak-able sounds especially in the Sylenth1 Definitive Collection sound set.

Product review: Andrej Anske (Anske) on Aug 05 2014

I fell in love with Freshly Squeezed Samples sound sets from the very beginning! I remember they sounded like nothing else I’d heard before. The sound was professional, original and very much inspiring. Since then the sounds have become a major contribution to my works and a big inspiration. One thing is for sure - Freshly Squeezed Samples know how to deliver quality products!

Product review: Ville Lope (Ville Lope) on Aug 05 2014

About Sample Libraries & Sound Sets:

Couple weeks ago I was producing with my Subtraxx label mate Marko Kantola and he is a big fan of Essential + Definitive Collection. We made two new tracks that weekend and Sylenth + both sound banks were heavily used.

Keep up with the great quality - seems like I have to get some extra sounds and samples from you in the future.

These sound banks together with couple of new tricks in our sleeves have raised our production to another level.

Thanks guys, keep up with the amazing work.

Product review: Kevin Charm (Kevin Charm) on Aug 05 2014

It's great to be able to open one of my Freshly Squeezed Samples sound sets when I'm in need of some high-quality sounds to complement my productions! I love the Electro Essentials series for Sylenth1 - these sounds are seriously PHAT.

Product review: Bojan Njegomir (Moonsouls) on Aug 05 2014

I've been using Freshly Squeezed Samples sound sets in my own productions for the past 2-3 years. What drew me in the most is the variety and the quality of sounds in there. While browsing through many other sound sets and sample packs on other websites, I just lost the patience to look further because of bad demos that presented them. With FSS it only took one demo to realize the quality, dedication and love that you could hear in each and every sound. Afterwards I didn't bother with anyone else!

My favourite products are the sound sets from Temple One & Sunny Lax and I use these most commonly in my productions. These patches are so nicely programmed that it's so easy to use and also make new sounds from them as well. Really inspiring!

Product review: Steve Kaetzel (Steve Kaetzel) on Aug 05 2014

Sunny Lax Sylenth1 Essentials Volume 2 is absolutely massive! A must have for any serious dance producer.

Product review: Jonas Hornblad (Jonas Hornblad) on Aug 05 2014

There are millions of sounds and VSTs out there. And if I was to give you one tip to producers it would be to check out Freshly Squeezed Samples. They have great packs for the most common VSTs!

Product review: Maor Levi (Maor Levi) on Aug 05 2014

I got the banks from the lovely guys at Freshly Squeezed Samples. I’ve been using Vol. 3 and 4 for quite some time and was impressed with the sounds and recreations. These are truly friendly, forward-thinking types of sounds that can be a great addition to your production.

Product review: Nils Huzen (Talamanca) on Aug 05 2014

Ever since I got introduced to the sound banks of Freshly Squeezed Samples I've been hooked.

Always been a big fan of clean samples & synthesizers and they offer that in every single product I have so far. You could say there's been quite a shift in my quality of productions and it's basically thanks to Freshly Squeezed Samples. They’ve definitely been my go-to libraries for a long time now!

Product review: Shawn Mitiska (Shawn Mitiska) on Aug 05 2014

I absolutely love the new Sylenth1 Essential Collection Volume 1 sound set released by Freshly Squeezed Samples, whether you're a novice or pro these patches will sound great in any style of music. I'd definitely have to say this is one of the strongest sound-sets to come out for Sylenth1 in a long time and I will most definitely be using these presets in my own productions - great work!

Product review: Dan Stone (Dan Stone) on Aug 05 2014

Freshly Squeezed Samples are always my 'go to' website for sound banks. Whether it be bass, leads, plucks or FX, they always supply brilliant top quality 'ready to go' club sounds. They have been a massive help in my productions and would thoroughly recommend them!

Product review: Juraj Klička ([email protected] | Driftmoon) on Aug 05 2014

Freshly Squeezed Samples is the number one must see website for any producer out there. Their products have been in every single Driftmoon release to date - absolutely amazing sounds! Highly recommended!

Product review: Tibor Tomecko (ReOrder) on Aug 05 2014

Freshly Squeezed Samples changed my productions entirely since the release of Zebra Essential Collection Volume 1 & 2. They reminded me how great this VST truly is and once I began using these sound banks in my own productions, my singles began to show up in the BeatPort Top 10 chart!

Nothing compares to the quality Freshly Squeezed Samples constantly deliver.

Product review: Alle Wagt (Allen Watts) on Aug 05 2014

I really, really love Freshly Squeezed Samples! I have the Zebra, Massive and Sylenth1 sound sets and use them a lot in my own tracks, they are not only inspiring but also essential to my productions.

I also own and love the Activa Trance Essentials and Thrillseekers Studio Essentials Volume 1 sample packs, pure quality. Highly recommend!

Product review: Ryan Farish (Ryan Farish) on Aug 05 2014

The sound sets I have bought from Freshly Squeezed Samples are some of the best third-party sounds I have ever purchased. My search for quality, fresh and inspiring sounds, ended with them. In addition to great products, they also have fast and friendly customer support. I will be keeping up with their new products and sound sets in the future.

Product review: Mark Eteson (Mark Eteson) on Aug 05 2014

The Massive Essential Collection Volume 1, is without a doubt the best sound set I've ever bought, not only from Freshly Squeezed Samples, but from any website!

An incredibly diverse and eclectic selection of sounds, the range is perfect for so many different genres which is absolute testament to Benno's extensive experience in production and sound design, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the best-selling product on the website and for bloody good reason!

Product review: Frank Thomas Knebel-Janssen (Thomas Gold) on Aug 05 2014

Zebra Essential Collection Volume 1

Amazing collection of presets, loads of super-phat, usable sounds. Perfect for any kind of electronic dance music genre, this is really all you need for an up-to-date production. Many of the sounds went into my tracks directly, I use the whole library a lot and it's pure fun to step through the list.

The variety is more than comprehensive; all sorts of sounds are covered in many ways. Especially the basses and lead sections are quite impressive. Top quality work!

Zebra Essential Collection Volume 2

Same extra high quality as Zebra Essential Collection Volume 1 with a more trance based approach. The collection perfectly completes Volume 1 and again, there is so much stuff in there, it's just a pleasure surfing through the presets! All sounds are perfectly crafted and can go into a track directly. But I had real fun when I started tweaking them… Again all thumbs up - must have collection!

Product review: Ben Lawton (Ben Gold) on Aug 05 2014

I'm a frequent buyer from Freshly Squeezed Samples. I have always found their products to be of the highest quality, which goes hand in hand with their customer service and support.

By far the best sound set available.

Product review: Steve Helstrip (The Thrillseekers) on Aug 05 2014

I’m a massive fan of Freshly Squeezed Samples! They pretty much made U-He Zebra my ‘go to’ synth with their 2 libraries, and turned me onto Massive with their Essential Collection. These 3 banks alone give me all the starting points I need for the trance I produce, and feature all over my latest tracks. My only problem with the Massive bank is that it’s a bit, well, massive! With so many sounds, it’s easy to get lost! I am eagerly awaiting Zebra Essential Collection Volume 3. I’m hooked!

Stunning library. Congrats to all involved. I'm still bouncing around the studio with excitement!

Product review: Mark Sherry (Mark Sherry) on Aug 05 2014

One thing you can always count on with the sound sets that come from the Freshly Squeezed team is absolute 100% quality! 90% of these sound design & sample stores that are in abundance these days all sell over-priced and pathetic sounding bundles! You can pay the likes of £15-30 for a badly produced 30-50 patch bank...or a £20 sample bundle that only has 10 kicks, 20 loops, 10 FX and the worst vocals you've ever heard in your life! It's different with Freshly Squeezed do pay a little bit extra but in return you get the very best sounding synths, basses, pads, plucks and FX across their full range, whether it's banks for Sylenth1, Massive, Zebra or Spire.

The sounds are truly inspiring when you are working hard in the studio and these lush sounds find their way into EVERY single one of my productions...I literally can’t recommend them enough!!

Product review: Ilan Bluestone (Ilan Bluestone) on Aug 05 2014

Simply put, Freshly Squeezed Samples provide the best synth sounds on the market! There are loads of presets out there on the web (free or paid) but none of them beat the high quality standard that Freshly Squeezed Samples constantly deliver, including awesome customer support and great website which cover all most electronic genres!

I would highly recommend Freshly Squeezed Samples to anyone who loves fat warm sounds where you can hear the true dedication behind them.

Product review: Miika Eloranta (Super8 & Tab) on Aug 05 2014

If you aren’t familiar with the Freshly Squeezed Samples yet we highly recommend you check out their stuff! We just purchased a couple of new Sylenth1 sound sets and a few sample packs and it was unbelievable how productive our studio session was today. Simply outstanding quality!

We´ve been using loads of sounds from Temple One Massive Essentials Volume 1 in our latest productions, it has turned Massive into our workhorse synthesiser!

Product review: Benno de Goeij (Rank 1 | Armin van Buuren | Jochen Miller) on Aug 05 2014

One thing is for sure - if you want the best libraries in town, Freshly Squeezed Samples delivers what you need. Whether you want electro house rawness or warm plucks, it’s all in there. It’s not just some patches, these are full professional libraries. Doesn’t matter if you are beginner or full time producer, these patches really get you going!

Product review: Armin van Buuren (Armin van Buuren | Gaia) on Aug 05 2014

About Sample Libraries & Sound Sets:

Many people ask me where I get inspiration from for new tunes and usually it's just sounds. A nice or new sound can inspire me to start making a whole new track.

Freshly Squeezed Samples is a perfectly good place to start if you’ve run out of ideas or if you're just looking for instant inspiration for a new track.

They can show you the true possibilities of your plugins and create a place to start.

About Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Sylenth1 Essentials Volume 1:

Don't ask me why, but I currently own more than 400 Sylenth1 soundbanks full of patches. Most of the time, I start from scratch and create my own sounds but sometimes you're just in need for some extra inspiration.

It can be frustrating to start browsing through a bank of presets, only to find out it has only 8 presets and none of ‘em spark any inspiration.

Sean & Darren did none of that. 128 patches that all spark instant inspiration, showcasing why Sylenth1 is still one of dance music’s most used synths out there.

I love the plucks (try VERB Forever), leads and pads but my favorites were the ARPs and Sequences.

If you make modern day dance music (and not only trance) this bank is a must!

Product review: on Jan 01 1970


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