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We are proud to be sponsoring our very first event: Trance Retreat in Berlin Germany, established by leading trance producer Dennis Sheperd.

Trance Retreat is a unique and memorable event where you will enjoy a luxury 7-day vacation while learning about trance production from established producers in the scene, all of which are existing customers of ours! These producers include Menno de Jong, Bjorn Akesson, Adam Ellis, and Dennis Sheperd.

It's more like a workation, where instructors and guests become friends. Guests become friends with each other as well! It's basically eating, breathing and sleeping music production for one week! The previous Trance Retreat in Bali featured Mark Sixma, Protoculture, Sied van Riel, and Dennis Sheperd as instructors.

This event takes place in a stunning Baroque Manor south of Berlin, Germany from March 4th through 10th, 2018. Daily vlogs are recorded as well, and you can view the existing videos here:

Because we felt this specific event was a good ‘fit’ for our audience, we have decided to sponsor the Retreat, offering potential attendees the following exclusive benefits:

  • A 5% discount on the cost of the event. Save over $200 using the coupon code FreshlySqueezed2018 on the application form.
  • A free product of your choice from our website (just send us an email via our contact form at the end of the event and we will sort this out for you).

Here is what Trance Retreat have to say about the forthcoming event:

"Hot on the heels of our highly successful inaugural retreat in Bali in September 2017, Trance Retreat has announced an all-star lineup of instructors for their next retreat, dubbed the ‘Winter Edition’. This time it is taking place in a Baroque Manor south of Berlin, Germany from March 4th through 10th, 2018. The ‘Winter Edition’ retreat is focused on the harder and faster styles of trance and features Menno de Jong, Bjorn Akesson, Adam Ellis, and Dennis Sheperd.

At Trance Retreat, participants accepted through a screening process will stay on site and learn from professional trance producers during a week-long, intimate learning environment that transcends a typical classroom setting. "We all eat together, hang out, talk about music, and really get to know each other, which makes it so much more personal and unique compared to traditional learning methods,” says co-founder Edwin Tsui. The Retreat is also documented through daily vlogs to give those outside the retreat a glimpse into the activities.

Participants on the Retreat receive formal instruction in the form of over 25 hours of group seminars and several hours of 1-on-1 training with their instructor of choice. Accommodations and meals are also included in the admission fee (starting at €2999).

The application process is open to all skill levels of production, as the course content is tailored to fit the group. The screening purpose serves to ensure that guests are there to truly develop their production skills and possibly their musical careers. "The most satisfying thing for us as the organizers would be to see one or more of our participants have a break-through with a release on a major label or playing at a major festival,” says fellow co-founder Dennis Sheperd.

For more details and information on how to apply, as well as the full archive of vlogs from the Bali retreat, visit http://www.tranceretreat.com.”

You can find out more information on the Trance Retreat official website and be sure to use the coupon code FreshlySqueezed2018 when submitting the application form on the website.

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