Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials Volume 2

Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials Volume 2

Produced in collaboration with legendary production heavyweight Dave Parkinson, we are proud to present the highly-anticipated and long-awaited Dave Parkinson Trance Essentials 2!

After over two years of intensive work, Dave has created a massive and versatile collection of high-impact samples – gorgeous, shimmering plucks, epic leads, and quality sound presets, to heavy-hitting basses, FX, drum hits, and vocal loops – all in one single pack. Weighing in at a whopping 12 GB (10 GB compressed), this pack is overflowing with creative inspiration and highly usable sounds designed to last for years to come.

For anyone after that techno-inspired, banging 140 BPM trance sound, you simply cannot go wrong with this pack!

If you’re not familiar with Dave’s work, for the past 25 years he has worked and collaborated with many of the leading names in the industry, including Simon Patterson, John Askew, Jordan Suckley, Paul Oakenfold, Mark Knight, Eddie Bitar, Tall Paul and many, many others. His discography spans the entirety of dance music, covering almost every genre imaginable – from house and trance to live indie bands and more traditional music.

Artist Testimonials

His knowledge of engineering, production, and ‘tightness’ of his mixes is simply unparalleled, having been behind some of the most prolific dance tracks of the last twenty years. Artist Testimonials "I've been using samplers and samples for more than 25 years in dance & trance music productions and I’ve bought a lot of packs over the years. Most packs simply don't deliver. You expect something, and there are usually a few good bits, but nothing mind-blowing. Dave Parkinson must have had the same frustrations because HE did what you hope to get: QUALITY and USABLE stuff. If you can't make a trance track with these, you're probably my mom..." –Armin van Buuren

"Love this sound pack! It has some really cool techno loops and probably every kick drum from every trance track ever made. Probably the best pack on Freshly Squeezed! Massive props to Dave Parkinson on this!” –Ilan Bluestone

"Holy s@*t this is literally the best sample pack I have ever owned – and I own hundreds of them. It truly blows my mind how much work Dave has invested in this one. So much detail. I own all of his previous sample packs, but this one is on a different level. If you want to make high octane, high-quality trance this sample pack is a must. I’ve had it a week and I’ve already been rinsing it for ideas, textures, basslines, and fresh sounds. Dave Parkinson, I bow in your presence - because you really are the undisputed master.” –John Askew

"I was lucky enough to have this pack a few weeks in advance to test. It’s perfect for starting ideas and throwing sounds and samples in there. Off the back of that, inspiration comes and then you’re off. The little things like snare builds and instant stabs are all keyed. Endless energy and ideas are all a drag and drop away. Love all his packs! 11/10” –Simon Patterson

"Dave Parkinson is a leader when it comes to production, and this new sample pack is THE ultimate tool for both established artists and new budding producers. The attention to detail is unparalleled and this pack will instantly add a new dimension to your music. Buy it... right now!” –Greg Downey

Sample Pack Content

Due to the sheer size of this pack, we’ve split it up into smaller parts to make downloading easy. Please note that you’ll need 12 GB of free space to extract everything.

Here is a detailed breakdown:

Bass Hits & Loops

Dave has been behind some of the most prolific basslines and drops in the history of trance – and this section showcases his ability to sculpt and compose bass sequences that really rock your low, mid, and top end.

Every bassline loop is key-labeled, with all MIDI files included for each loop (including the individual layers).

The bass loops are broken down by key into subfolders.

  • 733 bass hits in all keys
  • 613 bass loops in all keys at 140 BPM
  • 1,346 total bass hits & loops

Drum Hits

All drum one-shot samples are engineered to pristine quality and diverse enough to use across a wide range of electronic dance music genres.

  • 251 claps
  • 251 closed hats
  • 101 crash cymbals
  • 251 kick drums
  • 251 open hats
  • 251 percussion hits
  • 51 reverse hats
  • 101 rides
  • 251 snares
  • 251 toms
  • 2,011 total drum hits

Drum & Percussion Loops

This section is packed full of usable loops at 140 BPM, with a ton of versatile, high-energy styles to suit different sounds. All loops are available in full, stripped, and percussion-only variants for easy mixing and matching in your productions.

  • 101 breakbeat loops
  • 51 clap loops
  • 101 drum fills
  • 251 drum loops
  • 251 hat loops
  • 51 kick loops
  • 51 percussion FX loops
  • 101 ride loops
  • 101 snare builds
  • 101 techno loops
  • 1,161 total drum & percussion loops


Dave is well known for his innovative, creative manipulation of FX and this FX section is arguably a complete sample library in its own right. All the FX are broken down into easy to navigate subfolders for quickly finding the transition or one shot you need to spice up your track.

  • 101 atmospheres in all keys
  • 101 down sweeps
  • 101 FX shots
  • 101 noise FX
  • 101 up sweeps
  • 101 white noise samples
  • 101 impact FX hits
  • 506 total FX

Logic Pro X Project Files

Complete and truly usable, each of these project files for Logic Pro X has its own distinctive mood and contains all samples, synths, and associated MIDI files for each melodic element.

All project files are key and BPM labeled for ease of use.

Be sure to check out all three audio demonstrations for a comprehensive insight into what is included in the pack. All audio demonstrations are available to hear via the audio player playlist button on the top right of this page.

  • 8 full-length Logic Pro X project files, including all samples, MIDI, synths, etc.

Music Loops

Stuck for inspiration? Dig into Dave’s music loops to instantly get your creative juices flowing. At 140 BPM, the different acid, synth, pad, pluck, and sequence loops are fundamentally "song starters” with some truly creative melody and chord writing showcased in each one.

All synth loops come with corresponding MIDI files so you can quickly chop and change to fit your own tracks.

  • 373 acid loops + MIDI Files
  • 313 lead synth loops + MIDI Files
  • 373 pad loops + MIDI Files
  • 313 pluck loops + MIDI Files
  • 101 sequence loops
  • 1473 total music loops

Spire Sound Bank

These are patches exported directly from the work on the sample pack and his own existing projects, so you are getting the genuine "bread and butter” sounds Dave uses daily in the studio. All sounds are named and organized in traditional Freshly Squeezed Samples fashion.

  • 70 acid, bass, FX, lead, pad, and pluck presets for RevealSound Spire

Synth Hits & Stabs

Want to get a tighter bass drop at your climax? Use bass hits in your sampler for tighter envelope control and more punch in your mix. All the one-shots are engineered to perfection and instantly usable straight out of the box. All one-shots samples also have the key in the filename.

  • 613 acid stabs in all keys
  • 733 synth hits & stabs in all keys
  • 1,346 total synth hits & stabs

Vocal Hits & Loops

Vocal hits and loops can be the secret ingredient needed to spice an otherwise lacking breakdown, or add drive to your build ups and climaxes. Used correctly, vocal loops can turn an average track into an epic one.

  • 151 vocal loops at 140 BPM
  • 424 vocal stabs & hits in all keys
  • 575 Total Vocal Stabs & Loops

Artistic Influences

While producing this sample library Dave was inspired and influenced by artists like Armin van Buuren, Simon Patterson, Jordan Suckley, John Askew, Eddie Bitar, Greg Downey, Ben Nickey, Mark Eteson, and others.

Sample Library Properties

  • 100% royalty-free
  • Produced by an engineering veteran with over 25 years of combined experience
  • 8418+ named samples, sorted into well-defined categories
  • 8 complete project files – including all loops and MIDI files
  • 70 synthesiser presets included for RevealSound Spire
  • All samples are rooted, volume normalized, and labeled
  • Chart and club-proven samples – ready to use out the box
  • Road-tested by leading producers in the industry
  • MIDI files are included for all construction kit elements, bass lines, leads, and pad loops
  • Technically 3 products in one – one comprehensive sample library, one collection of music loops in all keys, & one sound bank
  • In short, the way a sample library should be!

Technical Specification

Please note that this product is a very large download (10 GB), but for your convenience, we have offered the product as both a single file download (download this by clicking the standard "Download” button) and also multiply split parts (Loops, Basses, Vocals, etc.) which are available under the "Additional Files” section of the download page.

  • Format(s): WAV, MID, FXB, PST
  • Type: Sample Library
  • Number Of Files: XXXX
  • Size (Compressed):10 GB
  • Size (Uncompressed): 12 GB
  • Label: Freshly Squeezed Samples
  • Product Series: Artist Series

With this, you've got yourself the ultimate package of high-quality, highly popular, and fully club-oriented samples!


The product images are for illustrative purposes only and no physical product will be shipped when an item is purchased. All products are delivered as digitally downloadable files.

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