Spire Big Room Essentials Volume 2

Spire Big Room Essentials Volume 2

Produced in collaboration with talented Dutch sound designer Jan Hinke, we are proud to present Spire Big Room Essentials Volume 2.

With 128 professionally engineered presets, Big Room Spire Essentials Volume 2 is the perfect addition to your production library. You’ll find searing leads, deep basses, smooth plucks, and remakes from artists such Nicky Romero, Orjan Nilsen, Hardwell, Sander Van Doorn, Showtek, Tiesto, and many others.

As with every product we release, we strive to deliver the highest quality presets as possible and this sound set reflects that. You’ll be using the same popular sounds featured in professional productions played by DJ’s around the globe.

What’s Included?

  • 5 ARP presets.
  • 27 BASS presets.
  • 11 FX presets.
  • 8 KEYS presets.
  • 43 LEAD presets.
  • 6 ORGAN presets.
  • 8 PAD presets.
  • 8 PLUCK presets.
  • 9 SEQ presets.
  • 3 VOCAL presets.

Why Buy It?

Spire has quickly become one of the most popular software synths on the market, but unfortunately there haven’t been enough sound sets to cater for the increasing demand.

Which is where we come in. Big Room Essentials Volume 2 is the perfect starter sound set for Spire, or an excellent companion to one of our other Spire sound sets. We focus on what producers want. You won’t find any low quality "filler” presets in here. In fact, ach preset has been crafted carefully for use across a diverse range of electronic music genres, and as a result – you’ll find this sound set becoming a staple in your production library.

Artistic Influence

Nicky Romero, W&W, Orjan Nilsen, Hardwell, Chocolate Puma, Ummet Ozcan, Sander Van Doorn, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, Showtek, Tiesto and many others.

Record Label Influences

Big Fish Recordings, Burn The Fire, Big Alliance Records, Armada Recordings, Mau5trap, OWSLA, Revealed Recordings, Wall Recordings, Spinnin Records, Dim Mak Records, Plasmapool and Tiger Records.

Sound Set Properties

  • 100% royalty free.
  • 128 named presets, sorted into well-defined categories.
  • All presets are rooted (C3) and volume normalized.
  • Chart and club proven Spire presets - ready to play.
  • Road tested by the leading producers in the industry.
  • Careful FX usage for a straight-out-the-box useable sound.
  • In short, the way a sound set should be!

Preset Library

Preset Name Preset Name Preset Name
ARP - Optimal ARP - Room Hero ARP - Sharp Spike I
ARP - Sharp Spike Ii ARP - You Better BASS - Above Everything Bass
BASS - Back Stepper I BASS - Back Stepper Ii BASS - Bone Bass I
BASS - Bone Bass Ii BASS - Bone Bass Iii BASS - Boss Bass
BASS - Dark Chocolate Bass BASS - Deep Trouble Bass BASS - Down And Up Again
BASS - Energy Bass BASS - Filtered Bass Boost BASS - Hard & Well Bass
BASS - In The Chain Bass BASS - Intro Bass I BASS - Intro Bass Ii
BASS - Intro Bass Iii BASS - Low Shelf Bass BASS - Obese Bass
BASS - Oioioi BASS - Open The Modwheel Bass BASS - Rambo
BASS - Reboot Bass BASS - Sidechain Snack Bass BASS - Strumming Jamaican Bass
BASS - Sublayer Bass BASS - Voweling Bass (Mw) FX - 8 Bar Build Up Iv
FX - 8 Bar Build Up V FX - 8 Bar Build Up Vi FX - After The Drop Iii
FX - After The Drop Iv FX - Drainpipe Noise FX - Ferry Airhorn
FX - Fm Riser FX - Gate Impact FX - Noise Sweep Showtime
FX - Till The Drop KEYS - Beat Piano KEYS - Dx Piano
KEYS - Elec Piano KEYS - Electro Hammer KEYS - Fairlight Keys
KEYS - Intro Lofi Organ KEYS - Opening Keys KEYS - Standoff Keys
LEAD - 90S State Lead LEAD - Big Room Basic Lead LEAD - Big Room Spike
LEAD - Big Roomer I LEAD - Big Roomer Ii LEAD - Big Roomer Iii
LEAD - Changes Lead LEAD - Death Speakers LEAD - Detuned Alarm Lead
LEAD - Dutch Sniper I LEAD - Dutch Sniper Ii LEAD - Dutch Sniper Iii
LEAD - Edm Layer Lead LEAD - Face Off I LEAD - Face Off Ii
LEAD - Hardstyle Iv LEAD - Knight Lead LEAD - Like Dimitri
LEAD - Like This Loud LEAD - Mammoth LEAD - Maximus Lead
LEAD - Monopipe LEAD - No Matter Lead LEAD - Oxy Spire Saw V
LEAD - Oxy Spire Saw Vi LEAD - Oxy Spire Saw Vii LEAD - Saws And Noises
LEAD - Screw Lead LEAD - Selfie I LEAD - Selfie Ii
LEAD - Selfie Iii LEAD - Showtime Vi LEAD - Singing Osc
LEAD - Sniper Lead LEAD - Sparkle Saw (Mw) LEAD - Stallone Lead
LEAD - Sticker Sweep Lead LEAD - Stone Lead LEAD - Superstack
LEAD - White Out Monolead LEAD - Hardstyle I LEAD - Hardstyle Ii
LEAD - Hardstyle Iii ORGAN - Chord Organ Ii ORGAN - Chord Organ Iii
ORGAN - Drive Organ ORGAN - High And Thin ORGAN - James' Dad Is Brown
ORGAN - Sky Organ PAD - 5Th Metallic Strings PAD - Broken Dreams
PAD - Dragons Pad PAD - Freedom Pad PAD - Sensational Pad
PAD - Solar Synth String PAD - Southpole Pad PAD - Symmetry Strings
PLUCK - Big Room Pluck V PLUCK - Big Room Solo PLUCK - Big Roomer Pluck I
PLUCK - Big Roomer Pluck Ii PLUCK - Digi Koto PLUCK - Freedom Bells
PLUCK - Moonshine Pluck PLUCK - Omega Pluck SEQ - Cut Off (Mw)
SEQ - Drop Extra Iv SEQ - Drop Extra V SEQ - Indigo Bassline
SEQ - Party Party SEQ - Stab 89 SEQ - Wait For It Ii
SEQ - World Wide SEQ - Zoo Bass VOCAL - Electric Angels
VOCAL - Robotic Gate VOCAL - Whoooow

Product Compatibility

This product requires Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer version 1.0.17 or upwards to function correctly. There is no guarantee that they will work with older versions. This version is currently stable and available for Microsoft Windows XP/7/8 and Apple OS X Mavericks in both 32 and 64 bit variants.

NOTE: Refunds will not be given for customers who do not meet this minimum requirement.

Product Explanation

This product contains synthesizer presets and associated MIDI files for educational purposes. Presets do not contain sampled audio (melodic or otherwise) but rather ‘data’ (synthesizer programs) that can be loaded using the popular Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer software synthesizer. A collection of presets is collectively referred to as a bank.

Other common terms for this type of product are: Spire Presets, Spire Soundbank, Spire Patches, Spire Soundset, VST Presets and VST Bank.

Technical Specification

  • Format(s): SBF
  • Type: Presets/Patches
  • Number of Presets: 128
  • Product Series: Big Room Essentials

This product is available for download instantly after purchase.


All melodies used in the demonstration files are copyrighted to the respective owners. All the MIDI data and sequences are strictly for educational purposes only, and not to be abused in any way. If you purchase an item containing FL Studio, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase Project File(s) and/or associated MIDI files you are agreeing to these terms.

The FL Studio (.flp) files are for FL Studio 11.1 and above. It is not guaranteed that they will work with older versions.

The Ableton Live (.als) project files are for Ableton Live 9.1.4 and above. It is not guaranteed that they will work with older versions.

The Apple Logic (.logic) project files are for Apple Logic Pro X and above. It is not guaranteed that they will work with older versions.

The Steinberg Cubase (.cpr) project files are for Steinberg Cubase 7.5 and above. It is not guaranteed that they will work with older versions.

The sound set requires Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer version 1.0.17 or upwards to function correctly. There is no guarantee that they will work with older versions.

The product images are for illustrative purposes only and no physical product will be shipped when an item is purchased. All products are delivered as digitally downloadable files.

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