Spire Synthwave Essentials Bundle


Spire Synthwave Essentials Bundle contains both Spire Los Angeles Nights (Volume 1) and Spire Miami Nights (Volume 2), two products which were previously available on our sister site Sample Foundry and are now neatly combined into an affordable inspirational bundle.

Picture yourself driving down the San Bernadino freeway with the top down and the wind in your hair, the distinctive sights of Los Angeles ahead and the chill sounds of 80s synthwave surrounding you. Great music doesn’t just have its own sound – it brings the imagination to life.

Renowned sound designers John Kunkel and Joe Garrett allow you to capture that spirit in your own productions with a complete set of 80s inspired Spire presets, injecting the warmth and mood into your synthwave, progressive, and trance tracks.

What’s Included?

Volume 1

139 Spire Presets – Whether you’re going retro or pushing the boundaries of new era Chillwave, these presets give you an incredible array of sounds to choose from to fill out your tunes and get precisely the vibe you’re after.

45 MIDI Files – Sorted into folders as they appear in the demo, we’ve crafted these starter files to show you the range of what’s possible and to give you a wealth of options to pick and choose from when pulling pieces for your tunes.

49 Drum Loops – Lovingly crafted to drive the sounds of Los Angeles synthwave, these drum loops offer retro rhythms and dynamic patterns that will let you shape your sound from the ground up.

5 Drum Fills – Add dynamism to your drum patterns and make your track stand out with these drum fills.

16 Classic Drum Hits – Put a touch of the 80s in your tunes with these classic, instantly recognizable drum hits.

3 FL Studio Project Files – Still want more? The FL Studio Project Files we used to make the demo are also included with all mixing and mastering in place.

Volume 2

128 Spire Presets – Craft genuine retro lines with over a hundred presets designed to deliver upbeat, summery synthwave sounds.

35 MIDI Files – Just as you’ve heard in the demo, these are complete pieces that are ready for you to mix, match, and groove.

10 Drum Loops – Drum loops that sound like they’ve come straight from the vintage record store, crisp and readily modified to get your sound out of your head and into your ears.

9 Classic Drum Hits – Infuse an authentic retro feel and make your track stand out with these memorable classic drum hits for a true 80s sound.

Of course, we’ve ensured that the entire collective package is categorized and sorted so it’s simple and intuitive to find what you need, and all presets are volume normalized, rooted and mod wheel mapped where appropriate. Just download, install, and start making music.

Preset Library

Volume 1

Preset Name Preset Name Preset Name
ARP - Access ARP - Beta ARP - Cathode Girls
ARP - Dextral ARP - Hyperlips ARP - Indiana
ARP - Juno ARP - Ketamine BASS - Aanon
BASS - Abracadabra BASS - Ace BASS - Air Cal
BASS - Beta Sex BASS - Bilocation BASS - Colorvision
BASS - Controlpop BASS - Data Kiss BASS - Elevate
BASS - Fallout BASS - Gataway BASS - Hyper Climax
BASS - In Decay BASS - Julien - K BASS - Klymaxx
BASS - Lo Fi BASS - Lowbrau BASS - Mini
BASS - Mini Fat BASS - Nsoniq BASS - Open
BASS - Periscope BASS - Piscis BASS - Prophet
BASS - Prosonic BASS - Quasimidi BASS - Race Dust
BASS - Runner BASS - Tripyra BASS - Universal
BASS - Video Arkade BASS - Wave Beach KEYS - Api
KEYS - Baltimora KEYS - Inspire KEYS - Larynx
KEYS - Mod KEYS - Neolithic KEYS - Purity Ring
KEYS - Renegades KEYS - Stratocaster KEYS - Valvatronix
KEYS - X - Bergen LEAD - Alpha Beach LEAD - Awake
LEAD - Beta Eyes LEAD - Careful LEAD - Com
LEAD - Darkwave LEAD - Dreambender LEAD - Dreamin'
LEAD - Entropy LEAD - Fairlight LEAD - Faraday
LEAD - Fbt LEAD - General Force LEAD - Gleeman
LEAD - Halogen LEAD - Hammond LEAD - Hartman
LEAD - Introspective LEAD - Jos LEAD - Kilo
LEAD - Lion LEAD - Lytro LEAD - Neon
LEAD - Oddity LEAD - Polarized LEAD - Qatar
LEAD - Tycho LEAD - Xylophone LEAD - Yellow
PAD - Aeronaut PAD - Affairs PAD - Atlantis
PAD - Blonde PAD - Breathe PAD - Burn
PAD - Cathode PAD - Cold Stars PAD - Crush On You
PAD - Disintegration PAD - Dream Team PAD - Ethereal
PAD - Etianne PAD - Fender PAD - Fitzgeralds
PAD - Gate Pop PAD - Gaze PAD - Gunship
PAD - Heligoland PAD - Hypefactor PAD - Ions
PAD - Jupiter PAD - Jx - 3P PAD - Kalo
PAD - Keane PAD - Landers PAD - Lydstrom
PAD - Neon PAD - Periscope PAD - Teletronix
PLUCK - Access Ti PLUCK - Akai PLUCK - Asq10
PLUCK - Bitheadz PLUCK - Boss PLUCK - Casio Distorted
PLUCK - Chamberlin PLUCK - Chimera PLUCK - Creamwave
PLUCK - D - Smith PLUCK - Elka PLUCK - Emission
PLUCK - Emulator PLUCK - Future Retro PLUCK - Greyhound
PLUCK - Helmut PLUCK - Inertia PLUCK - Jano
PLUCK - Kill PLUCK - Lorenz PLUCK - Neo Noir
PLUCK - Osip PLUCK - Prolite PLUCK - Resonance
PLUCK - Studer PLUCK - Valencia PLUCK - Wayfarer
PLUCK - York

Volume 2

Preset Name Preset Name Preset Name
BASS - 80 Slap BASS - Berlin BASS - Bitcrush
BASS - Bounce Res BASS - Casio BASS - Coastline
BASS - Da Funk BASS - Drive BASS - Fm
BASS - Focused BASS - Grooveline BASS - Inner City
BASS - Juice Fm BASS - Level 42 BASS - Mad Max
BASS - Malibu BASS - Miami Run BASS - Mini Phat
BASS - Montana BASS - Movement BASS - Mtv
BASS - Player BASS - Prophet5 BASS - Retro City
BASS - Rounders BASS - Sega BASS - Slide
BASS - Spring Board BASS - The Heat BASS - The Switch
BASS - The Vice BASS - Wurli KEYS - 1985
KEYS - Afterhours KEYS - Arms 2Night KEYS - Asia
KEYS - Broadcast KEYS - Click KEYS - Cream Tone
KEYS - Cs - 80 KEYS - D50 KEYS - Dream Machine
KEYS - Dreams KEYS - Dx E.Piano KEYS - Electric Nights
KEYS - Emulator Ii KEYS - Fantasy Flute KEYS - Glass House
KEYS - Guitar 80 KEYS - Love Hearts KEYS - Midnight Run
KEYS - Network KEYS - Night Lights KEYS - Pizzi
KEYS - Princess KEYS - Pulse Wave KEYS - Question
KEYS - Rhodes KEYS - Safari KEYS - Sinestar
KEYS - Steel Real KEYS - Summer Fields KEYS - Ultravox
KEYS - Unison PAD - Alone PAD - Awakening
PAD - Big Saw PAD - Brass 80 PAD - Cold
PAD - Dance Cube PAD - Deep Warm PAD - Dimension
PAD - Dream Wake PAD - Drifter PAD - Dustfield
PAD - Jupiter 8 PAD - Lazer Beam PAD - Magic Night
PAD - Obx 80 PAD - Ocean Pacific PAD - Old Connect
PAD - Orion PAD - Pink Fade PAD - Power Stack
PAD - Rooms PAD - Shoreline PAD - Siren 911
PAD - Slow Attack PAD - Solitude PAD - String Digital
PAD - Sweep Shift PAD - The Guest PAD - Vienna Ii
PAD - Vintage PAD - Wave Grid PAD - Wavetable
SYN - Air Flight SYN - Aviator SYN - Churches
SYN - Daytime SYN - Di Cola SYN - Di Cola Iv
SYN - Dont Go SYN - Emerson SYN - Five 0
SYN - Flash G SYN - Hotline SYN - Human
SYN - Juno 106 SYN - Juno Brass SYN - Jx - 8P
SYN - Love Crush SYN - Moog I SYN - Moog Ii
SYN - Movies SYN - Neon SYN - Next Level
SYN - Oberheim SYN - Paradise M SYN - Perfromer
SYN - Pro One SYN - Pw Classic SYN - Pwm6
SYN - Run Down SYN - Stage V SYN - Sun Arp
SYN - Synclavia Ne SYN - Terminator


All of the presets, samples and loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use these sounds in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.DisclaimerAll melodies used in the demonstration files are copyrighted to the respective owners.


All the MIDI data and sequences are strictly for educational purposes only, and not to be abused in any way. If you purchase an item containing FL Studio, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase Project File(s) and/or associated MIDI files you are agreeing to these terms.

The sound set requires Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer version 1.1.9 or upwards to function correctly. There is no guarantee that they will work with older versions.

The product images are for illustrative purposes only and no physical product will be shipped when an item is purchased. All products are delivered as digitally downloadable files.

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