Sunny Lax Studio Essentials

Sunny Lax Studio Essentials

Produced in collaboration with established Anjunabeats artist Levente Márton (Sunny Lax), we are proud to present Sunny Lax Studio Essentials.

Let me start by saying this product is truly unlike any product we have released in the past, and could well be one of the largest sample libraries on the market. The full package weighs in at just under 9GB and is literally overflowing with creative inspiration. Over 14 months of hard work have went into this product and we really went above and beyond in terms of quality and usability. We actually like to think of this sample library as three individually crafted products seamlessly combined to deliver a truly innovative, hybrid and up-to-date library of sounds and inspiration for your studio sessions.

For anyone after the cutting edge, modern sounding trance, progressive and electro sounds you simply can’t go wrong with this product – when you see the shear amount of content included it’s literally a no-brainer!

Sample Pack Content

First off we have a complete and comprehensive sample pack containing thousands of drum one shots (kicks, open hats, closed hats, snares, cymbals, percussion, etc.), hundreds of drum/percussion/top loops, a highly comprehensive FX section (all neatly categorized, named and labelled), actual ‘usable’ melodic and bass line loops (provided in both wet and dry variants with associated MIDI files for each loop), hundreds of synth and bass one shots and much, much more.

Every sample is clearly named and numbered with appropriate BPM and key labelling information appended to each file. Along with this, all files are carefully categorized into a well thought out folder structure in classic Freshly Squeezed Samples style, so it’s both quick and easy to find the sound you are looking for in during those creative studio sessions.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the sample pack content.

Drum One Shots

  • 25x 'Bigroom' Snares
  • 100x Claps
  • 150x Closed Hats
  • 60x Crash Cymbals
  • 60x Crash Cymbal FX
  • 350x Kicks
  • 208x Open Hats
  • 220x Percussion One Shots
  • 52x Ride Cymbals
  • 71x Shakers
  • 161x Snares

Drum & Percussion Loops

  • 200x Full Drum Loops
  • 659x Top Loops (Percussion Loops)


  • 150X Atmospheres
  • 62x FX Downlifters
  • 150x FX Explosions
  • 57x FX Uplifters
  • 60x Noise Downlifters
  • 78x Noise Uplifters
  • 215x Percussion FX
  • 100x Reverb Kicks
  • 100x Reverse FX
  • 25x Snare Rolls
  • 250x Vocal Stabs

Synth One Shots

  • 450x Bass Hits
  • 360x Synth Hits


  • 52x Bass Loops (108 Files - Including Wet & Dry Versions + Variants)
  • 62x Lead Loops (174 Files - Including Wet & Dry Versions + Variants)
  • 22x Pad Loops (54 Files - Including Wet & Dry Versions + Variants)
  • 50x Vox Loops (127 Files - Including Wet & Dry Versions)

MIDI Files

  • 52x Bass Loop MIDI Files
  • 62x Lead Loop MIDI Files
  • 22x Pad Loop MIDI Files

Be sure to check out the Sunny Lax Studio Essentials (Loop Demo) for a comprehensive demonstration of the loops included. This is available to hear via audio player playlist at the top right.

Construction Kits

Secondly we have 22 complete, truly usable construction kits containing everything used to produce each kit. This includes all melodic loops provided in wet, dry and ‘tail’ variants, all drum/percussion loops, FX samples and associated MIDI files for each and every melodic loop.

Each construction kit has its own distinct mood, but thanks to the intuitive file naming, you can quick and easily swap out loops, samples and MIDIs and try out thousands of potential combinations.

As a special bonus we have also included the synthesiser presets used to produce each of the kits, this way you can customize each kit to suit your own needs and apply your own external processing and mix down process. The most common synthesizers used being Native Instruments Massive, Sylenth1 and Z3ta+. We also included a few special Virus TI presets which were used to produce one of the kits.

All construction kits are provided 100% royalty free.

Be sure to check out the Sunny Lax Studio Essentials (Construction Kit Demo) for a comprehensive demonstration of the loops included. This is available to hear via audio player playlist at the top right.

Punch Plugin

And thirdly, our brand new Sunny Lax Punch VST Effect Plugin. Punch is a versatile sonic enhancement plugin developed in tight collaboration between Sunny Lax and Freshly Squeezed Samples.

This unique effect plugin gives you the ability to control the attack (‘punch’ or ‘snappiness’) of your sound via an easy to follow three knob user interface. For any familiar with Dada Life Sausage Fattener or similar plugins, will be right at home with our new plugin.

The effect can be applied to kicks, snares, hats or potentially any sound you can imagine to give it that little something special!

Please hear these before and after processing examples for a better idea of what Punch can do for your productions.

Please note Punch is currently only available for PC and not available or compatible with Apple OSX.

Final Words

With this product we wanted to capture the true ‘Sunny Lax’ sound, rather than just have Levente produce this sample library as a side-project, we asked him to look at this project as a way of cataloguing his own studio sessions and centralizing his production library into a single product. We truly believe he has over delivered with this ground breaking bundle.

As with every product we release, we strive to deliver the highest quality samples in the industry and this sample library is no exception. This sample library contains the true, popular, trending club sounds that are being played by DJ’s around the globe right now. So truly fresh, inspirational, road tested sounds ready to use out of the box.

This sample library is released as part of our new Artist Series product series, where we give you everything needed to get started from the word go; our sound sets contain the real "bread and butter" sounds that you actually need to get your productions off the ground. No need to waste time searching online communities, we give you the actual sounds professional producers are using in the studio right now.

Artistic Influences

While producing this sound set we were inspired and influenced by the following talented producers and artists.

Above & Beyond, Super8 & Tab, Myon & Shane54, Gareth Emery, Andrew Bayer, Ilan Bluestone, Eximinds, Audien, Arty, Pryda, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix, Tom Swoon and many others.

Record Label Influences

Below is a list of popular record labels that currently play host to the type of ‘sounds’ the sample library features. This list can also be used to find a suitable record label for your completed productions.

Anjunabeats, Enhanced, Always Alive, Black Hole, Sounds Of Elysium, Garuda, Infrasonic, Spinnin, Protocol, Zouk, Axtone and many others.

Sample Library Properties

  • 100% Royalty Free.
  • 5663+ named samples, sorted into well-defined categories.
  • 22 complete construction kits – including all loops, MIDI files and synthesiser presets.
  • 127 combined synthesiser presets included for Massive, Sylenth1, Z3ta+ and the Virus TI.
  • All samples are rooted, volume normalized and labelled.
  • Chart and club proven samples - ready to use out the box.
  • Road tested by the leading producers in the industry.
  • ‘Wet’ and ‘Dry’ variants are included for all tonal/melodic samples.
  • MIDI files are included for all construction kit elements, bass lines, leads and pad loops.
  • Technically 3 products in one – sample library, construction kit pack & plugin
  • In short, the way a sample library should be!

Product Compatibility

This product includes a combination of WAV files, MIDI files and construction kits (combined WAV + MIDI files + Synthesiser Presets). All the files are compatible with Image-Line Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase and any digital audio workstation (DAW) that supports WAV and MIDI files. The included files are compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X Mountain Lion.

Please note Punch is currently only available for PC and not available or compatible with Apple OSX.

Product Explanation

This product contains trance samples and associated corresponding MIDI files for melodic ‘loops’. These files can be used in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of your choice and are compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Other common terms for this type of product are: Trance Samples, Drum Samples, Drum Loops, Trance MIDI Files, Trance Construction Kits and Trance Drums.

Technical Specification

  • Availability: Instant Download
  • Format(s): WAV, MID, FXP, NMSV
  • Type: Sample Library
  • Number Of Files: 6030
  • Size (Compressed): 8.4GB
  • Size (Uncompressed): 9GB
  • Label: Freshly Squeezed Samples
  • Product Series: Artist Series

With this, you've got yourself the ultimate package of high quality, highly popular and fully club oriented samples!


The product images are for illustrative purposes only and no physical product will be shipped when an item is purchased. All products are delivered as digitally downloadable files.

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